Ajaya- Book Review

  Every action has a reason. Till date, we have considered Lord Krishna and Pandava brothers as our great heroes who fought to eliminate the evils from the world. We considered Duryodhana as an evil king, but after reading the novel Ajaya, my perspective has changed towards Duryodhana. The novel gave me a thought that the biggest Kurukshetra battle could have been avoided, if Princess Draupadi with her Pandava husbands wouldn’t have insulted Prince Duryodhana when he had been to their palace Indraprastha to ask for injustice done against the poor. The palace Indraprastha was built in such a way, where Duryodhana had unknowingly stepped into the water pool, as he couldn’t distinguish that it wasn’t the floor and he fell flat on his face. His dhoti slipped and lay limp in the water. Everybody present there had laughed at him except his friends. He felt insulted and in anger he called his cousins for the game of dice, which was in a way plan of his uncle Shakuni. In the game of dice, Yudhishtra lost everything, including himself and his brothers and Draupadi too. In anger, King Karna said Prince Duryodhana to remove her clothes in front of everyone, after which Princess Draupadi decided to take revenge for the affront done to her. If King Duryodhana  had known that Princess Draupadi had already apologized to his wife Bhanumati for her action earlier, then things could have been avoided which in turn led to the biggest war in the history. 

Have a look at the detailed review done by me on the Tell a Tale storytelling website of the book Ajaya, a novel written by the author Anand Neelakantan. The link is here : https://www.tell-a-tale.com/book-review-roll-of-the-dice-ajaya-epic-of-the-kaurava-clan-book-1/


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