Discovering Real Togetherness

A little portable device called “smartphone” takes you to the other magical world where humans barely exist! That world is called as “The Universe of Nomophobia”.  These days you will hardly find anyone without a mobile phone. No doubt they are necessary for safety and  connections, but for some humans, mobile phones have become their conjoined companion. For them, living without their smartphone would be almost impossible.

Long back, I had shared an incident of a bus driver who was constantly checking his phone while driving. Later, I had found out that he was immensely busy in chatting and updating something on his Whatsapp! I was wondering at that time that my security was in the hand of such a driver who appears to be more charmed in chuckling at some trivial jokes rather than performing his duty as a safe driver. There are many other examples that I witness everyday. I have seen many people who are glued to their phones even when they are out visiting their relatives or friends. They will click photos and update on various social networking sites with phrases like “Meeting my old friend after a long time.”, “Missed you my friend”, but they hardly converse with them when they are around. So funny! Yes, even I have a smartphone, but I never liked the idea of using when I am with someone. Yes, it’s important for me, but I am not dependent on it to maintain any of my relations. I restrict myself from using it when I walk or when I work or I am out with someone. I don’t understand the meaning behind meeting someone, if they are already busy in  chatting with others over the phone or busy playing games!
Nowadays, even kids play a lot of games on their parent’s phone. They prefer to sit at home and play games over the phone rather than to play outdoor games. Kids have become smarter in unlocking their parent’s phone and playing with it. No doubt, I am grateful to the advanced technology that lets me to be in constant touch with many of my friends who stay far from me. I am thankful to the technology for entertaining me when I feel bored. Yes, this little device is magical in many ways, but one shouldn’t be completely dependent on it that they forget the world around them. 
To break the shackles of the digital world, Hindustan Unilever Ltd through one of its brand Kissan  has come up with a small initiative where  they have started with a program called “Discovering Real Togetherness”. Kissanpur calls people to come and discover the joy of Real Togetherness. Have a look at their video and take a part in their initiative by registering yourself. For more details, please visit their site: 


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