A new beginning

 I know I have been on a vacation for really long time, however it was my life’s special occasion that  every girl dreams to make it perfect and memorable πŸ™‚ . I got hitched last month to the love of my life. Both of us come from different cultures, so twofold rituals were to be followed and taken care of. Than to celebrate our togetherness and love, we went to the beautiful Ooty and Kodaikanal situated in the south of India for our honeymoon. Here is one click of us

Nowadays, what I will write on my blog has become secondary, as what I will cook for my husband has become my priority πŸ˜› . It’s a new phase for us and it will take time to settle. So I may post late on my blog, but soon I will come up with my second post. Till than take careπŸ™‚ and thanks for stopping by and reading my post. 

13 thoughts on “A new beginning

  1. I feel the happiness that you now share with your union! You are wonderfully deserving of happiness. When one finds that special one, they also find priceless love which God brings alive to blossom in the hearts of both. The happiness in your words reminds me of my happiness when I found my wife, these were the words I wrote from my heart and it reminds me of yours. May your union be long-lasting and amazingly blessed.

    I Found That Love Would Be You

    I needed a warm and tender love
    To share a dream for two
    I needed a love to be my companion
    And I found this love was you

    I needed someone to become a part
    Of a love that is so real
    For what is love if never used
    Or a heart that will never feel

    I needed someone to make me
    Open my heart so free
    I needed someone who also
    Had a genuine need for me

    I needed someone who needs the love
    That I alone can give
    I needed a love who wanted the same
    To share the life we both wanted to live

    I needed a warm and tender love
    To share this awesome dream for two
    It was easy to determine as I kissed your lips
    I knew this love would be you.

    God bless you and your new husband my dear sister, never
    let another come between you two!

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