Happy New Year 2016

So today is the new day of the New Year 2016 and I wish you all folks a very happy new year. The year 2015 holds a significant place in my life 🙂 and one of the important reasons was I got married to my love. The year was loaded with much happiness to share, a few amazing moments that make me smile every time, some dismal episodes that hurts me even today when I remember.

My love and I have been through tough times since a few years. We both hail from the different societies, cultures and traditions. I am from North and he is from South and in INDIA, a person’s caste is very important when it comes to marriage. In INDIA, marriage means tying a knot with the bride’s and the groom’s entire family and not only with the individual you are marrying. It was tough for us to persuade our respective families, but in the end we succeeded. We dint wanted to hurt our families and the thought of separation always haunted us. But, it was our willpower and love that kept us strong and firm on our decisions that helped us to be one today. We got engaged on 22nd April 2015 in the presence of our respective families with two different traditions that were followed. Our happiness knew no bounds. We not only exchanged the rings that day, but also exchanged a promise to be together always and face every situation together.



 Later we got married in a complete South Indian style on 15th November 2015 in Chennai city and had a grand reception in Mumbai city on 22nd November 2015.



We went to celebrate our union to Ooty and Kodaikanal situated in the Tamilnadu state of INDIA. We had an amazing time on our honeymoon and I will cherish all these special moments of my life forever. 2015 has one of the best memories that I would like to treasure in my heart, a year where I had entered into a new phase from being single to getting hitched to the love of my life.  Now I am Mrs. Heta Gala Naidu 🙂

Ooty and Kodai

I welcomed 2016 with my husband and thanked 2015 for being so grateful to us. I pray that 2016 brings more happiness, less sadness and a bucket full of peace. Waiting to explore many new things in our newly started adventure. I wish everyone out there a very Happy New Year and God Bless you all. May the New Year bring many happiness in your life. Cheers…


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