She – Ekla Cholo Re Book Review




Name of the Book : She- Ekla Cholo Re.

Author Name : Mr. Santosh Avvannavar and Dr. Shayan Haq

Number of pages : 58

Recently, I received a copy of a book named ‘She Ekla Cholo Re‘ which was sent to me by one of the authors, Mr Santosh Avvannavar. It’s a fifty eight page short story book which revolves around the life of the lead protagonist Kusum. “She“, the book is about finding one’s own identity in a world where the only gender known and respected is He or She. A world where people won’t easily accept you, if you are born as a transgender. 

The story is about Kusum who tries to discover her true identity. When Kusum was born as a boy, people around her often pondered of her gender. Some thought of her as a girl and some thought of her as a boy. But soon Kusum realized that she has feminine attributes inside her. Her father, who was a doctor expected her to behave like a true gentlemen and show some masculine traits. He was afraid that the world would snicker at him seeing his son behaving as a woman. Despite of the several problems, Kusum freed herself from all the barriers and chose the path of femininity. But, in the world where the society respects less of one being a transgender, she was not bolstered by her parents and also deserted by her love of life too who left her because of the pressure he got from his family. Kusum felt betrayed and alone, but she decided not to give up and she decided to walk on her chosen path.  

The book starts with the professor Rajendra who later met the lead protagonist Kusum on some highway. He saw her standing alone on the deserted highway and thought of helping her by offering her a lift. Kusum expressed gratitude towards him for his help and sat in his car. Gradually, they began to converse with each other. Listening to her story Rajendra felt a surge of belonging towards her. He accepted the way she was and felt sorry for her of how society reacted towards her being a transgender. 

It’s a sweet and a very short story with the pungent and a strong message that says, to never give up and move on even if you are alone. Don’t live the way, the society desire or expect you to be. Instead live on your terms and show the world the real you. The author gets the motivation to write this book from the famous Rabindranath Tagore’s song ” Ekla Cholo Re” where one line of the song is ” Jodi Tor Dak Shune Keu Na ase Tobe Ekla Cholo Re” which means ” If they answer not to your call, walk alone.” 

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2 thoughts on “She – Ekla Cholo Re Book Review

  1. Sounds like an interesting look into an experience that few have us have first-hand experience with. Paired with a universal theme: a strong message that says, to never give up and move on even if you are alone.

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