Secret to maintain any relationship


What relationship is all about?! People around you may have warned you, do this or behave in a particular way to maintain a relationship. Suggestions would flow from many mouths, but in reality, only you know how to maintain your own relationship with someone. The secret to any relationship is, No secrets to be kept between each other. The relationship works on Trust, Love, Loyality and Honesty. One should follow a simple method to maintain any relationship and that is, be what you are and show the real you. Never start any relationship on a lie to make yourself look good. Let the person love the actual side of yours. 

When you love someone, make sure that you tell them everything about yourself. Hiding things would damage any relationship. Once you have decided to not fall apart, make sure you stand by your words. Don’t make any false promises of doing something and later leaving your loved one alone battling for things. Stay strong and support each other. Face the problems together and don’t abandon your responsibilities, even during difficult times. Anyone can make mistakes, after all we all are humans. But repeating the same mistakes isn’t right. The person whom you love, has vested all his or her trust on you and once the trust is broken, it’s broken forever. Later, how much you try to build the same trust back, it won’t be possible. Share your problems, but remember one thing, the solution of your problems lies within you. Nobody knows a person whom you love better than you, so only you can resolve any issues among you and your loved one. 

Any relationship can be maintained by two people and not only by one.  It’s only you and your loved one who can solve your relationship problems. Be honest to each other,  understand each other and support each other in every situation of life. 

So the secret to maintain any relationship is ” No secrets to be kept “. 


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