Nothing in life is constant,

Things change, people change.

All that should remain unchanged is,

Our attitude towards life.

Sometimes there will be happiness,

That will bring a smile on your face.

Sometimes the dark cloud of sadness,

Will take away the beautiful smile from your face.

In this ride of life,

Always remember with  the darkness there will be a brighter side.

With some hope inside,

Always try to keep a positive attitude towards life.

Remind yourself,

“With happiness comes pain,

Don’t lose hope or feel disheartened.

As a beautiful life is waiting ahead for you,

All you need to do is walk through the night,

To see the beautiful day light.

As life is like a circle,

If there is happiness, sadness will follow too,

If there is sadness, happiness awaits too.”

 –Heta Gala Naidu

PS: I know I have been off my blog since long. New life, new commitments, work keeps me busy. While working today, these beautiful and meaningful lines came to my mind and I just thought to post on my blog 😊 . I will try my best to come with a new post soon with no more gaps. Till then,  takecare 😊




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