The bitter truth of life

Sometime Life can be very cruel to us,

For whom we stood by once,

To whom we supported during their difficult times,

Might turn their back when we need them the most.

There may come a situation,

Where you may lose all the hope of moving ahead.

Life might seem very difficult to live,

Things around us won’t matter much.

But even during such times,

Keep hope until you die, 

And fight till you are alive.

In the end, there will be only two outcomes,

Either you will succeed because of one hope inside,

Or you will learn a new lesson from your life.

-Heta Gala Naidu


2 thoughts on “The bitter truth of life

    • It may sound sad, but is the fact. Never lose a hope . That hope in life will Either let you succeed or else you will either learn a good lesson from life.

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