A trip to Daman

Hey folks,
Hope all of you are doing fine 🙂 . The weekend’s well spent makes you feel more fresh and energetic 😀 . A fresh mind makes you feel more active at work too. The same is my case right now 🙂 . I am back to my work feeling energetic. 
Like I had said in my earlier post, I was on a short trip to Daman. Daman is a union territory of India. I had visited a very few places as this trip was meant more for relaxation and less for travel. Firstly, we went to the Devka beach that was right next to my hotel. Though the beach was not clean like I had expected, but the climate was very good. I am sharing a few photos that we clicked at the beach.

                                              Devka Beach, Daman

Next day we went to a small park called Mirasol park and enjoyed a few rides that reminded me of my childhood 😛 😀 . 

                     A toy train ride and Paddle boating ride in Mirasol Park, Daman

Lastly, while returning home, we visited Dudhni Lake located 35kms away from Silvassa. We took a family boat ride of the lake for 30 minutes for a very nominal charge of Rs. 250. 

                                                  Dudhni Lake

Though my trip was short, but it was worth and a much needed one. There are many other places that one can visit in Daman, but as we were on one day trip, it was not possible to visit each and every place.  Anyways  it’s time for me to go 🙂 and I hope you guys enjoyed reading my post 🙂 . 

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