Sometimes I don’t understand a few people, 

You are considered important to them for a moment,

And in another moment, you might not be one. 

You are made to realise that you are an outsider,

And you are no more the part of them.

When they need you,

They run behind you.

When they don’t,

They might not even look back at you. 

In Today’s world, whom to trust and whom not to,

Is so difficult that you end up either trusting a wrong person and get hurt,

Or not trusting a right person and lament later for not to.

 -Heta Gala Naidu







11 thoughts on “Disheartened

  1. I understand how you feel!! I agree we should be a little discerning…but not so much that we close ourselves off for we will surely miss some great relationships! 🙂

      • So sorry to know that Lorrie. It might be very tough time for you right now but a person learns from his or her own good and bad experiences. We might not accept a few things right away but after some time we might realise that that was best thing for us that happened

      • Thank you, kind heart!! Yes…I have acceptance for what happened…and I can see that even though it hurt terribly…it is the right thing. I appreciate your compassion ♡

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