I am there


I am back again 🙂 . I know, I have not been regular on my blog, but like I have said always, things have changed post my marriage and so have my priorities 🙂 . But I will try my best to be regular soon because I too miss being here 😦 . 

I am travelling right now and listening to some beautiful songs. While one song touched my heart and words ran in my mind. Here it goes…..

“It’s difficult to see a strong person getting weak,

Doing things that we don’t even dream of. 

And above all, if that person is your family, your darling, your pride,

Seeing them shatter in front of your eye,

Not only bring tears, 

But a fear too that we might lose them.

We petition God for their betterment,

To take away all the pain from their life,

And to bring back the one they use to be.

Seeing them in such a pain,

Breaks us too from within.

Just a solitary hope that the awful days will pass away soon keeps you strong,

But till that time be there for them who needs you the most during their worst phase. “

Heta Gala Naidu


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