Happy First Wedding Anniversary

15th November 2015

Today I have another reason to celebrate, another occasion to make me smile and to make me feel special ☺️. It has been a year Mr. Husband to us and it feels like we just got married yesterday 😜. Gosh, why are you not here πŸ˜’ . I miss you! I know that you would be thinking that in a matter of mere two days you will be with me, but still it is our first anniversary and it is real important to me 😌. 

 Happy first anniversary Mr. Husband 😚. Our ride had many ups and downs, but we never stopped caring for each other πŸ‘«. You know what’s the best part of our marriage? It’s “WE”.  We are not able to stay away from each other for a long time and that’s the best part in our relation ( Touchwood βœ‹πŸ») . I love you and never stop believing in me, believing in us. No matter what happens, how hard the situation is, never give up on us. I promise you the same honey. Come soon.


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