Axis Acquaintance

These days, I am excessively busy, as my house is getting renovated and also many social functions have kept me busy, due to which, I didn’t have much time to write😓. So finally, sparing some time today, I will share my review of a new Banking application of Axis Bank.

Last Saturday, I had been for a small conference to the main corporate office of the Axis Bank which is situated in Worli, Mumbai. Axis Bank is the third largest private sector bank in INDIA. The conference was regarding the launch of new mobile banking application created by the Axis bank. It claims to be a user friendly and a secure application which lets the customers of the bank to access their savings or current account, manage the transactions, and pay the bills and many more functions from their mobile. The important thing before using this application is, your mobile number must be recorded in the Axis bank database.

What do you need for downloading the application on your mobile?
A mobile phone with anyone of the following OS:
1. Android
2. iOS
3. Windows
4. Mobile Web(From mobile browsers)

Who can access the Axis Mobile application?
All Axis Bank customers (Resident/NRI) with:
1. Savings Account
2. Current Account(Individuals/Sole Proprietor/Resident/HUF)
3. Only Credit Card holders(Resident only)

The Axis Bank staff had given the live example of how to use the application by demonstrating the procedure step by step. After downloading the application from the mobile app store, click and open the application. Then register yourself by clicking the option” New users register” to set your six digits Mobile pin. Later it will ask you to choose from the below four options to register;

1. Register with Internet Banking details:
You can register yourself using this option by entering your login id and password which you use for online internet banking transactions.

2. Register with Debit Card details:
You can register yourself using this option by entering your Debit Card number and other details as asked.

3. Registered with WAP:
This option is usually used when you change your current phone. To select this option, you must be already registered as user for mobile banking previously. You just need to type your customer id and six digits Mobile pin after downloading the application in the new phone.

4. Only Credit Card Holder:
If you are only using the credit card of the Bank, you may choose this option and enter your credit card number and other details as asked.

After this, it will ask you to set a mobile pin (Mpin). Once the pin is set, you can access the application on your mobile just by entering the six digits mobile pin.

Features of the Axis Mobile Banking:

1. You can view accounts, deposit, card summary and loan account details.

2. You can view unbilled transactions and pay credit card bills.

3. You can schedule the bill payments and view as and when needed.

4. One of the most interesting features of this application is, you can add beneficiaries. There is no need to use internet banking for adding the beneficiaries or making fund transfer. The beneficiary gets added in a few seconds and accordingly you can make transfers to the newly added beneficiary almost immediately.

5. There is no need to wait for 24hours for activating the newly added beneficiary.

6. You can set the transaction limit to preferred value from 50000 to 10lakhs.

7. You can convert your certain transactions to EMI if needed.

8. If your card gets lost or stolen, you can block and replace your card by just one click instead of contacting the customer care for blocking it. This in turn saves your time.

9. Through the Edge Loyalty Rewards Program, you can redeem your reward points as and when you like.

10. If you can’t find your card and you feel that it won’t be stolen, you can temporarily switch off your card until you find it, just by one click.

11. You can add photos for your accounts and beneficiaries either by uploading or clicking the picture or from the social networking sites too.

12. There is one option “Locate Us”, where you can find axis bank ATM’s nearby you, then nearby restaurants and hotels who are offering the discounts on your Axis Cards.

13. You can also reorder the menu of the application as per your preference.

So, as the slogan goes “carry your bank in your pocket” fits well with the launch of this convenient and user friendly application which saves your time by just one click. So download the Axis mobile application and experience by yourself the new way of banking.

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Traîtrise… Infidèle…Viol

“First aid box. Check. Knife. Check. Spectacle Case. Check.”  said Ankita while packing her  younger sister’s bag.

“Didi, why are you sending me to Hostel? I won’t be able to stay alone there.” Said Roshni.

Ankita and Roshni are siblings and were very close to each other. After their parents died in a car accident, Ankita took all responsibility of herself and her younger sister Roshni. Now Ankita  is married to small businessman Nikhilesh and both were blessed with two cute little children Sumeet and Sushant. Roshni stayed with Ankita and her husband in Uttar Pradesh.

“Roshni, after what all happened today, I can’t risk your life anymore.” Cried Ankita

“Didi, please I didn’t do anything, please I am sorry.” Replied Roshni.

“I know Roshni, I know everything. After I got married, I forgot I had three children Sumeet, Sushant and you, I should be sorry for what Nikhilesh did to you, my sweetie.” Cried Ankita.

A few months back, Roshni returned from her hostel to permanently stay with her sister and brother-in-law and continue with her studies in a nearby college. Nikhilesh had tried to be intimate with her many times, but she ignored thinking he was her sister’s husband. When things got serious she even tried to tell her sister, but Nikhilesh warned her that if she discloses anything to anyone, including her sister, he will abandon Ankita and their children. When Ankita came to know about this , she decided to send her sister back to hostel for a better life.

“Didi, I will miss you .” said Roshni.

“I know my child and I will be in touch with you always, Don’t worry. I can’t let you go through this anymore. I am very sorry for my husband’s act. Please forgive me Roshni.” Said Ankita joining her hands.

Soon Roshni left from there, but Nikhilesh any how found her whereabouts and continued to torture her physically. One day gearing up her strength , Roshni with one of her friend’s help trapped Nikhilesh  and later he was put behind bars. Nikhilesh tried convincing his wife Ankita that Roshni was lying and she was behind him. But Ankita slapped her husband and confessed to police that whatever Roshni said is right and she had been an eye-witness to it once but kept her mouth shut for her children.

PS: It’s a true story but characters name are fictitious.

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A Splendid Weekend

Even while writing for this post, a big smile is lingering on my lipstiny-smileys-yesemoticons-012. This weekend indeed proved to me as a splendid and awesome weekend with tons of memories to cherish for a lifetime. First of all, It was  my darling mother’s birthday on Sundaytiny-smileys-yesemoticons-072, but we celebrated it a day earlier because I had to attend a conference on Sunday. I had a very good time Mom, thank you so muchtiny-smileys-yesemoticons-131 . It was truly an awesome birthday celebration and we enjoyed a lot. Truly, you rock. Touch-wood tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-032

Next day was Sunday,the day for which I have waited for a long time. Blogadda.com had organized a conference WIN2014 where bloggers, speakers, writers were invited. It was a day full of conversations, learning, interactions, fun and the joy of winning. Initially I felt my luck was not playing on my side as suddenly in middle of the Saturday night, my health went badtiny-smileys-yesemoticons-003. Though I was feeling sleepy, but the sudden sickness was making difficult for me to sleep. Morning at five, I had a medicine and thought of grabbing some sleep for two hours. I wished to God, my silent prayer that the medicine works, so that I don’t miss the conference. After waking up, I was feeling better, but was not completely well.  Finally, I just decided that I would go to this conference and got ready.

As I reached the venue –Courtyard Marriott Hotel, I was greeted by Namaste (joining both the hand gesture), an Indian way of welcoming guests,by the hotel staff. They escorted me and my fellow guest to the Conference room where the event was going on. After checking my name in the list, the Blogadda member asked me to describe what Blogging means to me in a word and write it down with my signature below. Then the photographer clicked our photo. Truly would say I felt as if I am a star already:-P. Haha. The conference was hosted by witty and fun loving Mr. Ashwin Mushran, who really made the conference lively by his witty remarks tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-006 . Later, various speakers, writers like Ravi Subramanium, Kavi Arasu, Anaggh Desai, Kiran Manral, and many others spoke and shared their blogging stories, how from blogging they thought of writing a novel and a few even got published. The legendary Shekhar Kapur and vocalist  Vasundhara Das were also present at the conference and made audience go Wow by their speech and answers.Truly I loved hearing three people more Kavi Arasu , Anaggh Desai and the Q&A section answered by Mr.Shekhar Kapur. Even there was an award section where many bloggers  were felicitated for their best blog.

To me, this conference was worth attendingtiny-smileys-yesemoticons-024. Hearing to Legendary Producer/Actor /Director Mr. Shekhar Kapur was a marvelous experience tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-032. Indeed , I got  to learn a lot and inspired  from this great people, interacted with many bloggers, enjoyed the food,great hospitality by the hotel staff who were indeed very courteous and warm welcoming. Thanks to God and yes obvious Blogadda , I had an awesome experience and every moment will be cherished forevertiny-smileys-yesemoticons-032Image.


Penning down my  thoughts is a way to communicate to my GOD,
Conveying my message  and sharing a different  bond.
We writers are known for what we Write,
And our words Inspire the people to do and think right.
By writing, I feel connected to my GOD-my true leader,
By writing, a Network is built between a writer and his reader.
Heta Gala

 “What the f**k , you b**ch how dare you raise your voice in front of me?!” said Akhilesh.

“Please i swear to God , i didn’t mean in that sense. Please leave me , it hurts Akhilesh please.”said Sadhana.

But he dint stop. He was hitting her badly with his belt and she was pleading, crying in front of him.
Sadhana was nineteen years old when she got married to Akhilesh. She belonged to a poor family background who basically hails from Bihar. Sadhana had an elder brother Nikhil who had secured a good job in an MNC, in Mumbai. Sadhana’s parents were not capable of handling the expenses of both of their children’s education, so she dropped out after first year of her junior college and helped her mom at home. Her brother was sent to Pune to study Engineering. After 6years when Nikhil was capable of living on his own, Sadhana and her parents shifted with him in Mumbai where he rented an apartment to live with the whole family.Akhilesh was Nikhil’s boss and once when he had been at Nikhil’s home, he saw Sadhana and asked for her hand Soon her parents realized that a good opportunity has finally knocked on their door step . Akhilesh was a rich man. He was thirty three years old and a divorcee as well. He was arrogant and when he saw Sadhana , he bribed Nikhil saying , that if he gets married to his sister he will promote him and will triple his pay. Nikhil anyhow convinced his parents and without Sadhana’s consent they said a Yes to Akhilesh. Sadhana urged to say No but after getting emotionally blackmailed by her parents , she forcefully agreed. Sadhana was just nineteen years old with a beautiful face and fair complex , caring by nature and a responsible girl and Akhilesh was thirty three, tall dark handsome but very arrogant and adamant by nature. He hardly cared for the people around him. He had no family and had lost his parents five years back.
After marriage , initially Sadhana was very happy. But soon within a period of four months Akhilesh started behaving badly with her. whenever he use to come home late ,he use to be always in an highly intoxicated state. Sadhana never said anything. She did what she was told to do. She was not allowed to meet her family.Once in a week she was allowed to call her mom and she always lied over phone that she was very happy. She never disclosed it to her parents through what she has to go everyday. She cared for her family and specially her brother who got promoted because of this marriage, which she came to know, recently. Still she never felt bad that her brother did this to her. One day Akhilesh returned home and Sadhana was preparing dinner on dining table. After getting fresh ,Akhilesh sat on the table and started having dinner. He didn’t like the food because of less salt, and he threw away the plate and slapped Sadhana very hard. She fell down due to force and was crying. Akhilesh kicked Sadhana and left from their house. Sadhana kept weeping. She always confessed her sorrows in front of her  God. She use to write a diary and convey her feelings to God. Whenever she was done with all her household chores she use to read novels. She loves to read a lot. Her day started at 6am, preparing break fast and lunch for her husband followed by cleaning the house and sharp at 8pm she use to change her clothes as per the need’s of her husband. Sadhana was not allowed to wear night wear or dresses in front of Akhilesh. If he caught her wearing it , he use to hit her badly. Her life was like hell after 8 pm because this was the time Akhilesh returned from office. Every night Sadhana slept crying. She use to get up with pain on her body and black  marks on her face. She almost remained silent in front of him and spoke how she much she was ask to . She talked only to one individual, and that was her God.

 One day Akhilesh was drunk and came home late at one clock in night. He was ringing doorbell but no one responded. Sadhana was not feeling well ,she was resting in the bedroom and couldn’t hear the doorbell ring. Akhilesh started banging the door and was shouting her name loud. Sadhana realised and panicked  and ran towards the door. As soon as she opened the door, Akhilesh started yelling at her . “You b**ch, what took you so long? Dont you realise I had to wait so long for you!!” said Akhilesh. “Sorry I was not feeling well and was lying on bed and …” before Sadhana could complete her sentence Akhilesh slapped hard on her face. “Bloody b**ch, i really dont know why I married you. You have no respect for your husband. Your f**ker parents cheated me by saying that how good are you.” said Akhilesh.”Please don’t abuse my family ,Akhilesh. I said i am sorry.” Replied Sadhana. ” How dare you answered me back. I will show you today b**ch , wait”!! Akhilesh then dragged Sadhana to his  bedroom and threw her on bed. Sadhana kept on  begging but he dint listen to her plea. He tore her clothes, unhooked his belt and started hitting her. Sadhana kept on shouting loudly but no one can hear as they lived in a bungalow with no neighbours around. After hitting her , he raped her. Sadhana was lying naked on the ground. She kept weeping. But her nightmare doesnt ends here. To what she saw , she was horrified. Akhilesh had broken wine bottle in his hand and was coming near her. Sadhana mouth was wide open in horror. “Akhilesh what are you doing?please i am sorry. Please Akhilesh leave me. Please!” she said it while crying. Akhilesh, now very agitated held Sadhana by her hair and made her stand upright and without uttering a word inserted the bottle inside her genitals. She screamed in horror. Akhilesh removed and forced the bottle thrice in her genitals and soon she was lying on the floor.

     She opened her eyes and she could see things blur around her. Slowly she saw her mom’s face in front of her and she started crying and calling her. Her mom hugged her and told her she is fine and in the hospital now. Sadhana’s maid had witnessed this incident and she was the one who called the police and Sadhana’s parents at home. Akhilesh was not aware of her presence and got arrested later. Sadhana kept on crying. She could feel the pain in her genital’s and she was bleeding too. She narrated her whole story to mom and gave her statement to the police as well. Her mom was shocked when she came to know how her brother had sold her own sister in return of promotion.

Soon Sadhana got discharged from hospital and started living with her parents back. She even filed for divorce. Akhilesh confessed in the court of what he had done to his wife and felt ashamed. He was given life imprisonment till death and had to give penalty of Rs one crore to Sadhana as alimony. Sadhana was getting better now. She started to feel freedom around her. She felt that she had a rebirth. She thought of being independent now. She wanted to be a self made woman now . She had strictly warned her parents not to talk about marriage in front of her. With the money she received from Akhilesh , she started an NGO for women and named it after her. Her sufferings, her sorrows, her cries inspired her to help all women who suffered. She gave shelter to those poor girls and women and thought of giving different and peaceful life to them. His brother was very much ashamed of his act and said her sorry for whatever happened in the past. Sadhana forgave Nikhil. Through Nikhil’s network , she was able to collect more funds for running her NGO. Her life now had changed and in same way she thought of changing and helping thousands of women who were abused and tortured in some or other way. Sadhana was a stronger woman now and lived a happy and  peaceful life with her family. She never stopped writing though. She even wrote a book which inspired many women and changed the thinking of many men around the world. She formed a good network with her readers and always remained in touch of her followers who spread her thoughts and experience.

P.S: All characters appearing in this post are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

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Five off Beats movie worth watching! (An initiative by Blogadda)

I usually don’t blog over movies and their review. I like to watch movie to some extent.! The way I like to read true based novels more as compared to fiction, same goes for movies. I am very choosy when it comes to novels or movies or anything. There are many inspiring and eye opener movies like Taare zameen par, 3idiots , Fire and many more. Below you will find the list of five movies which are worth watch , rare , unusual and different from the normal films today.! Actors who have played role are not that famous or popular like Aamir Khan, Shahrukh Khan or Salman Khan but they did justice to the character of the film and due to stories and their acting the films are worth watch according to me.


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Miss Lovely, an off-beat film directed by Ashim Ahluwalia is set in the lower depths of Bombay’s “C” grade film industry. It follows the devastating story of two brothers who produce sex horror films in the mid – 1980s. A sordid tale of betrayal and doomed love, the film dives into the lower depths of the Bollywood underground, an audacious cinema with baroque cinemascope compositions, lurid art direction, wild background soundtracks, and gut-wrenching melodrama. Miss Lovely is scheduled for commercial release on 17 January 2014.

So here goes the list which I truly recommended to watch , If u have missed or not aware of such movie at all.

1) Aamir:


The story revolves around a Muslim man named Aamir Ali, who by profession, was a doctor returned from the UK. He had decided to visit INDIA, his hometown and enjoy a few days with his small family. But what’s in  store for him in INDIA ,that  he was not aware of !! His tragedy started from Mumbai airport itself, where he lost his luggage and was left with only a cellphone given to him by an anonymous person. Soon he came to know that his family was kidnapped by a Muslim extremists and in turn to save his family, he had to  help complete the mission of the extremist. In the end, Aamir lost his life to save hundreds of people travelling in the bus. How? Why? When? These questions are coming to your mind, right??? End your quest to know by watching the movie. To know more and increase your excitement by watching the below trailer:

Video Link : [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vHgYGTvMpBw]

My opinion:

INDIA being a democratic country where a human has many freedoms and rights to speak, expressing their views and working according to what they feel is right but under few rules to be followed according to INDIA law. Though INDIA is a free country with diverse cultures and traditions , there are a few shallow minded people who have not come out of their old thinking and In the name of religion, play political games. They spread terrorism to achieve their political needs in the name of the religion. This movie is based on the same topic, where to fulfill their goals, Islamic terrorists  use a common Muslim man to do bomblast in one of the crowded place  in Mumbai. Aamir did as he was told to do, in order to save his family, but when he realized their mission of killing innocent people he instead gave his life to save those innocent humans. The actor who worked for this film was perfect for the role and his acting was commendable.

My rating : ★★★★    5/5


Shahid The story of this movie is based on the biography of a man named Shahid Azmi. Incidents in his life right from  the days of 1993 riots in Mumbai , how he got recruited by terrorists organization and how he was disappointed and returned back and was put behind the bar  under POTA act. Later  he decided to do LAW studies and he became Lawyer and thought for working for those innocent people who were in jail , were tortured due to carelessness of Law of INDIA. Have a look at trailer of video of this film below:

Video link: [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LhOqoeL0v3M]

My opinion: I would express my view for this  movie  by three simple lines

  • The role and performance of Rajkumar Yadav-Indeed Marvellous
  • Good Screenplay,
  • A rare deviation from the reality.

My ratings: ★★★★    5/5

3) Ship of Theseus:

Ship of Theseus

This movie revolves around three characters Aaliya Kamal –The photographer, Neeraj Kabi-The monk and Sohum Shah-A stockbroker. It is very different movie and shows the life of above three characters. The Photographer is Visually Impaired and is on the verge of getting a Cornea Transplant, to gain full vision , which she successfully undergoes and gains vision, after gaining vision she is not happy with her new found vision and is unhappy with her photography as well, the monk who is an activist ad involved in a petition to ban animal testing is suddenly diagnosed with a critical illness, now he faces a dilemma to choose between his ideologies and his health as he has to now depend on the people who he was against. The Stock broker who was suffering from a Kidney Ailment , undergoes a Kidney Transplant, he learns about kidney tourism he fears that the kidney which was provided to him was of a man who is a brick layer, but later on investigation proves otherwise, he takes things into his own hands and confronts a recipient in Stockholm. Catch the trailer of the movie below and increase your gist for watching this movie.

Video Link: [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p5xt0cKasDw]

My opinion: The story of this movie is very well written. The script of the movie , dialogues , actions are too good. Actors played their role brilliantly. Words to describe this movie would be less and also every word described for this film is well deserved. Watch the movie and you will come to know why I praise it so much and out of words too .

My ratings :  ★★★★☆    4.5/5

4)      Jaago :


Jaago movie is  based on real life incident. A ten years old girl was raped in  Mumbai’s local train by three drunkard’s friends. Actually  story starts when a girl named Shruti(movie  name) got locked in her school unknowingly and later at night she was finally released. But it was already night and she thought of returning home by train. Soon she boarded train and was alone with few commuters around. Three friends boarded the same train and coach of Shruti. They were drunk and they saw Shruti sitting alone and later they brutally raped her. Commuters dint do anything as those drunk friends were armed. When they fled away, commuter called police and informed about the incident. Soon Shruti was hospitalized, but the incident scared her in her sleep also and stitches given in her genitals tear. She died finally, because of the massive trauma. Shruti’s mother was affected more and decided to do anything to catch hold of those rapists. With the help of senior inspector, the  accused  were caught finally. What happened later? How the accused were caught? For that watch the movie . Have a look  at the trailer of the movie below.

Video Link : [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LXSXxKVxquQ]

My opinion: Rape is one of  the common crime in India. Everyday i get up in the  morning ,i either see a column or an article over it in a newspaper or some news channel showcasing such incident. It’s so awful when we hear such things.! It’s a big shame how a girl’s , women’s security is at a risk. A few months back there was a shocking news where a small baby around six years old was raped in a public toilet!! She was found half naked ,bleeding very badly and was crying in pain. Doctors told that the private portion of the baby has been damaged due to sexual assault or insertion of a foreign object. A six year old who was not even aware what has happened with her. She was just crying out loud, when that **** guy just raped her!! This movie Jaago  is based on a true life incident of ten years old girl. Her plea, her cries were just unbearable. See how a man can be so disgusting that he raped a small girl of his daughter age! On front of the cast of the movie, selection done of the actors were good. They did a commendable job. How instead of crying, victim’s mother acted strong and  put aside her sorrow and fought for her baby who lost her life because of this incident.   A girl is a mother, a child, a sister of someone. Respect them, love them. She is not some toy to be played with!

My ratings :  ★★★★☆    4/5

5)Little Terrorist:

Little Terrorist

Last but not the least,this movie is very short and based on ten years old boy named Jamal residing in Pakistan. Once he was playing cricket on Indo-pak border and his ball went far and fell on the side of  border of India separated by fence. Jamal crosses the fence to fetch his ball and was spotted by Indian army. Counting him as terrorist of Pakistan , Indian army started shooting at him. Jamal escaped and ran towards the village of INDIA . Later he was provided shelter by Hindu Brahmin family who helped Jamal even after knowing that he is resident of  Pakistan. He was well protected by this family and in the end even manages to return to his own land  Pakistan. For more details please have a look at the trailer below

Video link : [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ODUlvTx3FM]

My opinion: This is a short Film, Just about 15 mins, but it has told a story which will make you feel what humanity is all about. The performance of each actor is good. The story shows how still few human gives importance to a human personally and not his caste or religion. How the Hindu family risked their life to save innocent Jamal and helped him to reach his country back. Also the movie was nominated for the 2005 Academy award for live short film. Do watch it guys, I truly recommend it.

My ratings :  ★★★★☆    4/5

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Lòve blooms ♥


Romance on the top of the hill,under the blanket of dark cloud.
With no one around except the blowing wind sound.
Two souls hug and seal their lips with a passionate kiss,
Their hands clenched tight and their eyes meet under the moon, the only light.
This bond of affection and care, is  called LOVE , a feeling which is very rare.

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WOW!Different way of saying Good Bye to 2013


I was returning from my work and was in a joyous mood for tonight’s party “Goodbye to 2013 and welcome year 2014″ tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-014. Racking my brainstiny-smileys-yesemoticons-013 as to which dress would look fab on me, which accessories would be apt for the chosen dress and which shoes would go well with my dress and make me look Perfect :-P.  I was busy chatting with my girlfriends on Whatsapp and we were into an intense discussion of what we were wearing and all for tonight’s partytiny-smileys-yesemoticons-088 hehe. I reached my office’s basement and unlocked my car and left for my home. Normally  I reached home in an hour time but today due to ridiculous  traffic jam, it took me a whole two hours to reach home tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-003

I dint want to miss a minute of the party and that’s why I just rushed to my bedroom, took a hot shower bath, blow dried my hair and started getting ready. While I was getting ready, continuous buzzing of my phone was irritating me and so I kept my phone on mute 😛 . After getting dressed in my best one piece,  giving the final touch up to my cheek, I took my car keys and rushed towards my car. There was bottlenecked traffic jam everywhere and the party location was half an hour from my house. As I was waiting for the signal to turn green, through the rear view mirror, I got glimpses of a small girl begging in front of an old lady sitting in a rickshaw behind me.  After receiving a coin of one rupee she went to another client of hers. She was wearing shabby clothes, her face was dark chocolate round shaped and she had big bulgy eyes filled with innocence. Her body was way too skinny and resembled almost like a skeleton body.  She came towards my car and knocked on it. I gave her a ten rupee note and she left. I was wondering that we people go out, party, celebrate our occasions but what about these  poor people. For them there would be no birthdays, Christmas or New year celebrations. The money they earn would be suffice only to  provide their families ,their two-time meals. I have heard so many stories of how children are kidnapped and  forced into this business.    My thoughts were interrupted by the honking horns as  traffic  signal turned green, I saw that girl sitting  on the divider and was counting the money which she had collected. I don’t know what made me think to do something for this girl and I took a U-turn and signaled the girl to come. She came running towards me with the hope of receiving little more money. I asked her about her whereabouts and told her to come with me. I parked the car aside and took her to nearby food stall. I made her eat something as she was very much hungry. She told me about her family. Her father had passed away and her mom is also a beggar and begs at very next signal. The girl dint went to school as her mom can’t afford the fees. She doesn’t even know her age but I could make out that she would be  hardly six years old.  Later I bought little gifts for her like toffee, slipper as she dint wear any  and on her demand color police. tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-012Haha  Yeah , even I was wondering what she meant by that but I realized when  she signaled me towards one seller who sold different Nail polish which she pronounced as color police. She told me how much she and her mom loved to paint their nails. After that, I took her back to that signal again and gave her a fifty rupee note and she was filled with joy. She thanked me and went back to her work. Watching  her smile, making her day special by small gesture I felt awesome tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-077.

Rushing towards my parked car, I left from there for my party. I was feeling so good but sorry for that poor girl and her family. Though I was already late for my party and by then had received fifteen missed calls from my friends but a feeling of happiness rushed through me. Later I reached my destination and enjoyed the party with lots of food, music, drinks,cake tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-044. Later we welcomed the New year 2014 and wished each other with big hugstiny-smileys-yesemoticons-089.  It was already 3am in the morning  and me and my few friends left for my home and thought of spending the remaining night at my place and enjoy the night out with loads of gossips 😛 . By 6am we were damn tired and thought of sleeping. As we were  tired we doze off quickly . All in all I had enjoyed a lot and my face was twinkling with a broad smile of contentment and happinesstiny-smileys-yesemoticons-092. I remembered that girl delightful smile and thought that it was indeed a Different way of saying goodbye to year 2013 and soon I was drifted  into a deep sleep tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-045


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