Save the Species!

Now a days, there are many animals who are on verge of extinction. The count of those species is declining day by day due to the human’s various sly needs. Many animals are hunted down for their skins, teeth or bones which are then traded illegally in the market in the return of money. Sometimes, they are just being besieged for fun or pride. 

There are many organisations, who are working hard to preserve such animal species who are disappearing. Mr. Ashok Mahindra, the author has recently come out with a wildlife based photo book “Capturing a wildlife moments in India”. The author has travelled to numerous national parks and sanctuaries around in India and have displayed 120 photographs of animals who are on verge of extinction in his book. The book highlights the rich heritage and a range of wildlife in India. It’s an educational book published by the Oxford University Press in an alliance with the Bombay Natural History Society.
Recently, SaevusWildlife (India’s premium wildlife and natural history web portal and magazine ) and Mr. Ashok Mahindra, the author, gave me an opportunity to create awareness among the people to preserve the endangered species before it is too late. If anyone asks me, which animals I would want to save, I would have answered, ALL. But, keeping in mind, the list of endangered or vulnerable species of animals provided to me, I think I would choose to conserve :
1. Bengal Tiger: Slide12Bengal tiger, also known as Royal tiger, is a national animal of India. One of the world’s largest cats, tigers are highly on the brink of extinction. They are classified as a highly endangered species in India. Many years ago, there were more than 1 lakh tigers in Asia, but now the count has decreased gradually and has come down to around 3000 out of which hardly 1411 number of tigers are left in India. They are being killed and their body parts are illegally traded in the exchange of money. Humans are making money and doing a business by killing many innocent animals. I know that Tigers are carnivores. They kill other animals to feed themselves and their family. Many of you must be wondering, why we should conserve them, if they kill animals and sometimes humans too. The simplest answer that I could think of is, to conserve our forests! Yes, the presence of tigers in the forests would likely keep the humans at bay as knowing the fact that tigers are  roaming in the forests, human wouldn’t enter the forests to save their life.  Since many years, the forests have been cut down for human activities. Due to deforestation,  the rain forest would soon disappear, which is a source of many items, we use at our home. Food, water and many medicines too are made from the ingredients that are found only in these forests. So, in order to save our forests, we must stop killing tigers who in turn keep some animals and humans at bay because of the fear. So, I feel we should conserve tigers by adequate measures of protection and also in turn preserve our forests. 
2. Indian Hog Deer: 
The population of  Indian Hog Deer has drastically declined over a few years now. They are normally found in tall grassland areas and they prefer open habitats rather than the closed forests. The Indian Hog deer is also considered as an endangered species in India. They are getting extinct and have decreased in numbers. They are being hunted down for their meat and for making some traditional medicines. Indian Hog deer survives on grasses and leaves. They don’t harm humans, but are easily hunted down by them as compared to other deer species as they reside in open habitats and are easily visible to hunters. They are very rare species and they need to be conserved by implementing some conservation measures like giving proper protection to them from hunters. Many organisations have initiated programmes that educate the problems face by these species of animals. 
3. Asiatic Elephants:
The population of the Asiatic Elephants has reduced by 50% over the last 60 to 75 years. These mega-herbivore species do not harm humans unless they are provoked or aim to protect their kids. They survive on leaves, grass or fallen fruits. They are classified as endangered species just like the above two species of animals. The biggest threats to Asiatic Elephants is illegal ivory trade for which they are brutally killed. For an elephant, family is very important and a calf’s existence depends upon their mother’s milk for almost first two years of their life. So, sometimes these calves are orphaned because their mothers are brutally killed for many human sly needs. Also, the increase in human population near river valleys and plains has forced elephants to move to less suitable forest areas which are highly dangerous because of hunters, poachers and developers. Also, elephants are killed by farmers as they stray out of the forest into settled areas and damaged the crops and property of humans. Nowadays, elephants are also supplied for industrial and entertainment purposes and later tortured or killed by humans, if they are found of no use to them. So, if the actions are not taken to conserve the Asiatic elephants, which are one of the giant species of animals, soon they will disappear completely. 
Due to the greed of humans, we have lost many wildlife species already. So, now let’s save our planet and conserve the wildlife species before it’s too late.   

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Finding Happiness in others Happiness😊

   Rewinding back the tape of my happy memories, five years back from now, the feeling when I had secured my first job, the excitement of a new beginning, meeting many new faces, working, and finally paying for my own bills was Incredible. With a certain amount of fear there was an equal amount of excitement too. The Thought of being by yourself, discovering the new things, entering the new work culture was marvellous. Those memories are still fresh and whenever I look back at those days, a smile spreads across my face. With the initial period of difficulties of understanding the work and handling the responsibilities on my own in the given specific time limit was very tough, but after sometime I got used to it. I was actually enjoying the work pressure, I had. 
  I still remember after the completion of my first month of job, When I was about to receive my first hard earned salary, I was very excited. I wanted to buy so many things for myself and I was very excited to shop for myself. Before that, I use to receive pocket money and I would save that for buying gifts for myself and my family and friends. Not praising myself here, but I use to save my pocket money to buy gifts, things for others rather than spending on me. I always love to see smiles on the face of my close ones. So, when I received my first paycheck, I thought to surprise my mom by buying a gift for her. After racking my brain, I finally thought of buying a gift for my mom instead of spending it on me. I wanted to buy a few important things for myself, but with the money I had received it was not possible to fulfil all the things at once. I followed my heart’s desire and went with the idea of surprising my mom.  She was so happy seeing the gift and seeing her happy, I felt content. I had loved the sight of my mom opening the gift wrap like a little innocent kid, feeling proud of her daughter standing on her own feet. The happiness in her eyes said a lot many things and not only me, but even she was proud of me. 
Happiness is something not to be felt alone, but to be shared around. Seeing someone happy and knowing the reason behind their happiness is you, makes me more happy. Follow what your heart says and spread the happiness around.  
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Rise Up

“You can be either a good wife OR a surgeon”

“Decide if you desire to be a good daughter OR an actress”

Haven’t girls everywhere heard this or a variation of this ultimatum? Where it looks like you
You are being given a choice, but it actually is a thinly veiled ultimatum?

Every Indian woman must have been through this once in their life. Even today our choices are controlled by our parents. Its like every action of ours requires an approval from others! What we wear, where we go, everything is analysed. It’s mandatory for us to acquire permissions for the things we desire to do!

I recall one such instance, where after I had completed my studies and I was in search for a job, How I was explained that I won’t be able to handle the stress at the work. How it would be difficult for me to manage both home and office. How I was told to either find a day job or else sit at home. I had strained to convince my parents, but, they didn’t give up. They were firm on their decision. I still think of those days, where I had to decline a few of the good offers because of the restrictions levied upon me. No doubt my parents were concerned about my safety, but, none of the companies work according to the rules and regulations set by us. We bear to accept whatever comes our way when we are just a fresher, a struggler. Nonetheless, I did not lose any hope and I had continued with my job search. After a few months, I got placed in one of the telecom companies, but, though I was offered less pay compare to my qualifications. Quietly I took the offer as I didn’t want to sit idle. I proved my parents that even after their restrictions, I procured a job for myself. People thought that I won’t be able to handle the pressure at my workplace, but I proved them wrong. I handle my job perfectly. I executed my duties as a daughter at home And as an employee at my office. I proved to be a good daughter And a good Senior Accounts Executive.

Difficulties would come our way, but how we take it, it’s upon us. I had accepted that as a challenge and I had achieved what I wanted. This was one small episode of my struggle. Today I choose to be a writer and my mom believes in me completely. She had understood that her little daughter can achieve whatever she wants. And today her belief in me compels me to work hard every day to fulfil my dream of becoming a well known author. I can handle a business, run my home and also I can achieve my dream of turning into an esteemed author.

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One of the India’s trusted and  largest automobile company, “Tata Motors Limited” has launch a new car“BOLT” in the market. A few months back, TATA Motors had introduced a very bold and stylish car “Zest” in the market and indeed it got a very good response.  I am not a car aficionado and the only thing that compels me to review or explore their features is their external  appearance.

Last Saturday, I had been to the Oberoi Mall located in Goregoan,Mumbai city, and as soon as I entered, a  new car caught my attention. BOLT! That’s what it gives you when you lay your eyes on it. I had been here with one of my friends, who is an ardent lover of new cars and gizmos. (Somewhere, I thanked myself for taking him along,  that day 😛 ,  as he was a great help in exploring the car and explaining me the features of the cars in detail 🙂 ). I thank him as this particular post wouldn’t have been possible without him.

imageThat’s Me posing with the new BOLT 🙂

The shining red colour and the stunning look obliged me to have a  closer look of the car. Tata Bolt is the Next generation Hatch Back which offers first in the segment features in terms of Safety, Luxury and Power. Tata Motors have reinvented their DNA with Design(DesigNext), Driveability (DriveNext) and Connectivity(ConnectNext) . Bolt is the Most Exciting and innovative Design by Tata Motors after ZEST  and  you can argue BOLT to be the Little Brother of ZEST. The Price Range suits the Indian Small Car Segment, and can compete against the Likes of Hyundai I10, Maruti Swift, Ford Figo and Chevrolet Sail. Tata Motors have always been a trusted brand amongst the Indian Masses, it suits the conditions very well. The salesperson even explained me the After Sales Service, which I feel, is the extraordinary  part of Tata Motors. Bolt is Designed by keeping the Global Market in mind for their Future Plans. When we plan to buy a new car, what are the important things that, we desire to have? Advanced engine, Stunning Exterior, Spacious Interior, Proper Safety and the most important point ”  at the affordable price”. Right?

Like I said, the price of this car is rational and it’s range suits the India Small Car Segment. Allow me to tell you  more about this car which can help you all to know more about it’s feature.

1) Engine:


REVTRON 1.2L Engine, sounds like a name of a Transformer to me from the Transformer Movies 😛 . REVTRON is the Next Generation MPFI Engine by Tata. For those who are wondering what is an MPFI, it’s a Fuel Injection Technology where the Fuel is forcibly injected in the Engine rather than the Conventional Carburetor which sucks the fuel into the  engine. The Primary Motive of the MPFI is to enhance Fuel and Power Efficiency. TATA will offer this hatchback with the 1.2-litre REVTRON engine which is petrol powered and which produces 84bhp/140Nm. On the other hand, the diesel engine is the 1.3-litre Quadrajet diesel. This makes the Hatchback no longer inferior to Sedans in Terms of Power. TATA has done a wonderful job to balance the Power and Fuel Efficiency with this Design.

2) Exterior:


Bolt looks like a Crossover between a Sedan and an Hatchback, as when you look at BOLT for the first time it doesn’t occur to you that this Car is an Hatchback. Also, designwise the exterior of this car  looks elegant. With the first in the Segment Projector Headlights and Traditional Tata Logo on the Grill Completes the design on a High.

3) Interior:



What more can we ask for in a Hatchback! HARMON! This makes the Bolt even more enviable as it is equipped with The Music System ConnectNEXT designed by HARMON. The console Consist of a Touch screen Infotainment, with USB, Aux Port, Smartphone enable Navigation from Mapmyindia .The Most Intriguing feature yet to be found in a Car Entertainment system is that, this one has an SD Card Reader which enables you to view your photographs from an SD Card on the Touch screen Console. It also Consists of Bluetooth Connectivity for phone Calls and media. The steering wheel controls are appropriately mounted and you can relax, enjoy your drive without taking your hands off from the wheel. It has a Voice Recognition System  where, you can just command the Car to do Stuff for you.  The Interiors are jet black in colour with Black Rugby seats. Trust me guys, when you sit on these seats you just sink into it with the feel of comfort. The space is in abundance, considering this is an Hatchback. There is an ample space in the trunk and the seats are foldable. You can feel free to carry your bicycle in your car :-P. Truly, this is a Spacious car.

4) Safety:


When it comes to cars, I am very particular about the safety it has to offer.  The Bolt has a 9th Generation Dual Air bags by Bosch, Corner Control and many more which ensures that our Drive is very safe and Secure.

5) MultiDrive:


Now this feature of Bolt is the best value for  the price you pay! The Multidrive feature of Bolt from Tata permits you to drive in three predefined modes that is SPORT, ECO and CITY. SPORT is for Maximum Power, incase you want to unleash the power of the Bolt. ECO is the mode where, you can save some damage to your pocket as it enables you with Optimized Fuel Efficiency. Last but not the least, the City Mode, which is said to be  is a Hybrid of the SPORT and ECO Mode, provides the perfect balance of both Power and Fuel efficiency which actually  is of utmost importance to the city traffic.

BOLT has already allured my friend to sell off his present owned car 😛 . Listening to its features and exploring the car, he has already decided for the test drive of the car soon!TATA Motors have done a marvellous job and I feel even this car would get a good response. For more details regarding to the car or if you desire  to book yourself for a test drive, please visit TATA MOTORS BOLT .

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Quikr Quikr- Buyer and seller ka perfect matchmaker.


So, finally, I bought the product and got the time to blog about it. Let me tell you all, what this post is all about. There is a contest, where we bloggers stand a chance in making our Diwali festival more interesting by getting a chance to buy a product from Quikr site. So, finally yesterday, I bought Birla Lifestyle cooler with the help of Quikr site. Quikr is the online portal where, you can find many ads of the various ranges of used and unused products. The ads are classified into various categories like Car and Bikes, Mobiles and Tablets, Electronics and Appliances, Real Estate, , Jobs, Home and Lifestyle, Education and Learning, Pets and Pet care, Services, Community and Events, Matrimonial and Entertainment. Here you can not only buy, but, you can also post a  free ad of the product which you desire to sell and give the exact details of your product like for how long have you use the particular product, is it a new or used product, product description and the price at which you desire to sell your product. If any individual is interested in buying your product, you would receive the call and accordingly you can sell your product without any hassles.

Initially, I had many things in my mind according to the given budget, like some Home appliances or a used cellphone or some decent furniture for my home. But, while browsing, I didn’t find anything interesting and worth, according to the amount, I was willing to pay. I was so confused as, what to buy as even the contest last day was coming near. But a few days back, when I asked my mom what she wanted most these days, she told me that she needed a cooler and I started my search for the perfect product. I followed the same pattern like earlier, I went to the Quikr site, selected my city and wrote “cooler” in the search box ( http://mumbai.quikr.com/Air-Coolers/Home-Kitchen-Appliances/w1037?l=Appliance_Type ) It displayed plenty ads of coolers and after a long research, I liked 2 or 3 of them and I browse through it. Finally, I liked one of the cooler which was used only for three months, it was in a proper working condition  and was still under warranty.


I liked the features of the cooler, the cooler shown in the image and so, I called the seller of the product immediately. I requested him to let me see the product personally once before buying it.  Later, the next day, I went along with my brother  to the seller’s place in Goregoan west. I personally verified the cooler and the seller explained me the features once again. The cooler was about 20 litres and with a remote control. It has a sleep mode function and comes with an eight hour timer. He also demonstrated how to operate the cooler with and without the remote command. I was satisfied with the product and I asked the seller for some price negotiations. Initially, he was very firm with his point that it is not possible, but, after my long persuasion, he agreed at Rs. 5000 whereas he was willing to sell the product at Rs. 6000 earlier. So, finally I made the payment and asked him if he knows anyone who can help me deliver my product at my place without any charges or with a minimal charge. He told me to wait and greatly, he knew someone who got ready to deliver the cooler at my place at just Rs. 10( very nominal charge to pay 😀 ) by tomorrow. Also, we have an option of getting our product delivered with the help of Quikr site. We just need to call them at 9167006200 and give the complete address from where the pickup was needed and also our address, where the product needs to be delivered. But, my seller itself solved my problem and without any trouble, my product got delivered at my place the next day.  I thanked the seller for his kind help and on the other hand, I was waiting to surprise my mom as she wasn’t aware that, I would buy the thing she desired for 😉 .

As soon as the product arrived, my mom was curious to know as to what it is. I had informed her in the morning that, I have a little surprise for her and since then she was waiting to see the surprise. So as the product arrived, she quickly went near the product and was very happy to see the cooler.Immediately, She started asking me questions  like when did you ordered, why and how much did it cost to me? I was very happy seeing her smile and she told me “It’s the best Diwali gift, till now.” Listening to it, I was satisfied with my decision of buying the product.

Today, finally in the morning, we started using the product and my mom was super glad when she saw the cooler arrived at our doorstep. Below is the picture of the cooler I bought and finally started using it at my home 🙂 .


Till now it is working very nicely and my mom is sleeping peacefully right now, enjoying the cool breeze from the cooler and here I am, blogging about my experience of buying the product from Quikr Quikr :-). It goes well with their slogan “Buyer and Seller ka perfect Matchmaker.” In all, after a lot of search and racking my brains as to what to buy, I am pleased with my buying experience from Quikr site.

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An Ethnic makeover of the dwelling

I have always dreamed of having a wooden finishing home. Wooden flooring, wooden ceiling gives your home an elegant look and it is visually very appealing 🙂 . A home is a place to relax, it’s a place filled with our memories. No matter, wherever I go, returning back to my home gives me the most peaceful feeling. Decorating, redoing our home is the most difficult, but, a very interesting task. I would love to give an ethnic look to my home. For the interiors, there are many options which can give a new look to our home. I would like to make a few changes that, would actually give my home a refreshed look. If you plan to make any changes to the interiors,I recommend makemyhome site which, gives you an option of wide varieties of the household products from a furniture to the electronic items to the kitchen tools and much more. There are many items which, I would like to buy, but, as I have an option to pick only three items, I would like to go for the following one 🙂 :

wall stickerFirst, thing I would like to change is “the walls of my house”. So, I choose the “Falling leaves wall sticker” which would give a different look to my walls. Also, Falling leaf symbolizes to bring change. It reflects something new to arrive in your life. Also, the wall sticker, I have selected would perfectly go with the wooden flooring too 🙂 . It would give a very alluring look to the house and promises to bring a change in the appearance of my home.

diwan setSecondly, I would like to have a lovely “Salona Bichona Diwan Set” placed either near my window or on the roof terrace(not in the bedroom as shown in the picture 😉 ) where, I can sit and  possess a lovely time with the nature. Also, I love to write in the open space under the shade of the open sky and cool breeze. Sitting on the Diwan and writing the articles, or talking over the phone or having my coffee or just sitting and enjoying the view of the beautiful nature seems perfect.

ancient silver night lamp for my bedroomLastly, I would wish to modify the gloss of my bedroom during nights. So, I choose “Silver Ancient night lamps.” This lamp would make the atmosphere a bit romantic 😉 and  its glowing effect  with the above wall sticker(my first item) would give a pleasant look in the night. 

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Whattheblack Marathon Day 5!

Today is Day5 of the Whattheblack marathon. Those who are not aware about my WhatTheBlAck Marathon, Please have a look at my previous two posts:

WhatTheBlack Day1

WhatTheBlack Day2

WhatTheBlack was a contest where, We would receive a product everyday for the first four days and those products were clues behind the mystery of black. On the first day, I had received;


A Black Egg
And on the second day I had received


A Black newspaper.

My mind was already working on the mystery of Whattheblack and I had even guessed that, on the 3rd Day, I may receive a black bottle or a black tissue or a black dress. But my excitement faded away, when I dint received any courier the next day 😦 . I tried my level best to co-ordinate and ask the concerned team regarding my courier,  but except WAIT, there was no other option. I kept waiting for my clue to arrive, but in the end, I din’t receive any. Phew 😦 . I checked the website of WhatTheBlack and there were many, who had received their 3rd clue which was a Black cup and a black tissue with “Colgate Charcoal paper Cup” written on it.! So, I had guessed one product right, black tissue 🙂 . Also, the 3rd clue was a big hint in solving the mystery because of The word “Colgate”. . I was agitated,as to why I didn’t receive my clue and my excitement had almost drained away. Still, I wanted to solve the mystery to answer my inner detective self 😛 .
And guess what, like everyone, even I googled ” Colgate Charcoal related products .” And got the below picture regarding it.


I never thought in my dreams, that it could be a Toothbrush 😐 . But Yesterday, the Blogadda team who had organized such a wonderful contest revealed that the mystery behind the black is “Colgate new slim soft Charcoal Toothbrush.”( the clue actually had got leaked as per the information 😛 ) . So there was no need of the 4th clue anymore.

So If you connect all the products like egg, newspaper , cup and tissue , the first thing that you will notice would be all are available usually in white color. So first hint was, the final product that would arrive would be black in color( only available in white earlier) And the big hint was the word Colgate which solved the mystery completely. For more details of the product you can log on Colgate Black Toothbrush

I would surely thank The Blogadda and The Colgate team for coming out with such a fun filled contest, but somewhere I was not given a fair chance to solve the mystery. I had received the first two clues and for which I have even attached the pictures above.

I received a courier for 3rd and 4th day today i.e 4th August 2014. Here I am uploading the pictures of the same below.

A Black Cup and Black tissue:

With a sticker on the box ” Day3,Watch out for more tomorrow.”

A note inside stating that this was the last clue to be received.

Final and Last product: Black Charcoal slimsoft Toothbrush
A note inside reveals the mystery behind the colour black which is A Black Toothbrush. Thank you Colgate and Blogadda for this gift, which I finally received today ie 4th of August 2014 🙂 .

On the other note,Today the “Friendship Day” is being celebrated here and So, I wish all my friends, colleagues and followers a very Happy Friendship Day 😀 . I have a few sweet memories( Happy Friendship Day Blogpost )  of this special occasion which , I  will cherish the lifetime.