You will be always remembered Srideviji

I got up today to a very shocking and a devastating news of the sudden demise of legendary actress Sridevi due to cardiac arrest. At first, I couldn’t believe what I heard or read on various social media sites. I hoped that this news turns out to be a rumor, but that just didn’t happen. She was no more and every Indian, every fan of hers had to accept that.

Since I was a kid, I have watched many movies of her like Mr India, Chalbaaz, Sadma (which is one of my favorite movies), Judaai and many more and I have thoroughly enjoyed every movie of hers. She is one of the few actresses, I admire and look up to.

We lost one of the biggest Bollywood icons, superstar, greatest legend. She will be missed a lot and remembered always. Rest in Peace Srideviji.

One of my favourite songs of her film Sadma

Zindagi Gale laga le


Happy Valentines Day

With your entry in my life ❤️,

My family picture seems to complete now☺️.

Your presence irritates me at times 😤,

But your absence always makes me feel sad and empty within 😒.

The tea ☕️that you make😀,

The food 🍲that you cook,

Not only fills my stomach,

But also fills my heart with more respect and love for you😘.

Thanks for coming into my life👫.

And making it more beautiful 😗🙂🙃😁.

Heta Gala Naidu


Things I feel my BabyKiyaan had!

Hi friends,
I am back! So right now I am making tea  for myself and I am missing my two years old nephew #BabyKiyaan a lot because usually he is the one who makes tea for me! Yes yes I am not lying, but exaggerating a bit😝. But mind you he does help me in making the tea as he wants me to make him sit on the kitchen platform whenever I am making it and give all the ingredients that needs to be in vessel for making tea. Sometimes I have to clean the kitchen platform five times ☹️ because of the spices spilled around or milk, sometimes I have to drink a small cup of tea with 1 tablespoon of tea masala (spices) in it because my baby loves adding ingredients again and again  so much that I need to divert him to take the spoon out of his hands 🤣😅. He even keeps his favourite movie Baahubali on hold to just make tea for me. You have no idea how much Baahubali means to him 🤨😉.
Right now he is enjoying in Goa with his parents and I am missing him a lot. Sob Sob 😢
 On the other hand, I or even I can say many of you might feel that our childhood times was way better than today’s generation kids. I am talking about the era of 90’s when there were no cellphones, not every household had color TV( including mine ), listening songs on radio. I mean it was so simple. Basically, I miss a few things and I wish my Baby Kiyaan had that kind of start in his life. I will list down some of them below.
 The biggest thing that I feel is today every kid is glued to cellphones so much that they miss out the fun of outdoor activities 😏. I mean my baby is just two years old, but he knows how to open You Tube and browse the videos 🤔. I mean he has his favourite list too! I as a child use to have strict timings for watching TV and we weren’t allowed to watch for more than an hour a day or even touch the remote!
The next thing is food. My mother didn’t have to struggle to make us eat. I have two  siblings and still it wasn’t tough for her. Initially we use to live in a joint family and we use to sit down on the floor to eat. Today, it’s a task to make a child eat. We literally have to run behind them, then give them their favourite thing to do so that we can feed him. Phew 😓!
Cartoons! What’s with Motu Patlu cartoon 😣. I don’t know how kids like to watch that cartoon, but the fact is fact and so does my BabyKiyaan enjoys watching Motu Patlu. Though he isn’t a fan of this cartoon, but he still likes to watch. In our times, there use to be Tom and Jerry, Donald Duck and such cartoons were way better than what kids like to watch today!
Today’s kids are taught to be competitive at a very young age. I mean we never had playgroups! Seriously, I still don’t  get the idea of kids entering into playgroup. They play with other kids, watch You Tube for nursing rhymes and a parent has to pay lakhs of money for that thing! Believe me, we were taught all those things free of cost at home and we had great teachers like Grandparents, uncles and obviously our own parents for all those things 🙂😌. We use to play a lot down our building like cricket, badminton, football and now it’s a task to find a place to play in our society because of all the parked cars 😒🙁.
No doubt, I love my Kiyaan a lot and no words would be enough to describe my insane love for him 😅. He does give us hard time sometimes, but he is a true gem, a pure soul and he doesn’t know how much his hug makes our soul feel better. I do miss many things for him and wanted him to have that experience where there was no cellphone, no color TV and only humans actual present mattered! Though technology has helped people in many ways today, to stay in touch who live far far away, to get things way too quickly but it does have its own disadvantages which I feel is not good. So does somebody feels the same way or is it only me 🧐. Anyways for now bye bye. Do pass your comments and let me know what your thoughts 🙂.

Last post of the year

So today is the last day of the year 2017 and a goodbye post is needed 😋

Well, I am appreciative for many wonderful things that happened this year and I learnt from some bad happenings that took place this year. Anyways, we all learn from our bad experiences and so did I!

Starting with the first month of this year, I surprised my husband by a small ring size tattoo that I made on my ring finger 😍.

Hepra here means initials of our names and this name was given to us by our friends 🤩🤓😉

Then moving on to the month July, after lots of planning, I finally went on for a trip with my family to one of my favourite destinations in India- Kodaikanal 😄. It was such a wonderful trip and this place will never bore me 🙂. Totally in love with this place 😍. Well I got to go to this place twice this year, one was in March with my husband and another was July like I said earlier 🙂🙂🙂 Lucky me ! 😅😋🙂

( A happy family picture 🙂 )

The next beautiful thing was a small trip to Ahmedabad as I worked non-stop for months with no breaks even on weekends, so this small Diwali trip to Ahmedabad was much needed and was pretty amazing 🙂.

The last best thing that happened was bestest of all and that was the pleasant surprise my husband gave me of Singapore trip 😀😍😘. I cannot describe in words the experience I had and the excitement that I had within me, as it was my first international trip 😃.

Now it would be wrong if I don’t mention my nephew here who made my each day and every month wonderful merely by his presence 😘. He is the real joy of my life who has made sure that his aunt is not alone when she is stressed or sad. He not only was part of my happiness, but whenever I have felt low or too much stressed, talking to him, embracing him in my arms worked like a dose that instantly calms me 😇. Baby Kiyaan, your Maasi loves you a lot and is thankful to God and obviously my sister 😜 for bringing you into our lives.

( Happy WE )

Well, one news that shattered us was our closest friend death news. We still can’t believe that he is no more between us. We miss you Tarun 😒 and especially when we are in Chennai, you would be the one who entertained us and made our stay in Chennai more pleasant.

All in all, I thank God 😇 for the wonderful year, my husband 😘 for being supportive whenever I am busy and for the ultimate birthday surprise, my family 😘 for being there always for me and special thanks to Baby Kiyaan 😘😘 for keeping his aunt sanity in check. Goodbye 2017 👐🏼and Welcome 2018 ✋🏻 with new hopes, new projects, and also I intend to blog more this year. Hope to get regular with my blog this year which I missed out in 2017 😐.


Welcome Back….😇

I had a exceptionally bustling day today. And guess who joined me and my better half on our work today? None other than my little nephew BabyKiyaan😘. He was away on a small outing with his family and I missed his presence a lot. I met my little cutie after longest fifteen days 😘. I fall in love with him every time, I see his love for me❤️. “ Maasi Halo” (Aunty Lets go ) were his words when he saw me today and I ran to embrace my little baby. Mind you my dearest your hugs and kisses were missed every day! I and your Chotu (a pet name given by my nephew to my husband 😋) had a very lovely time today 😘. 

(My husband and my Nephew gesturing me that they were not ready for a click 😅)  

Thank you for making our morning lovely by your presence and filling joy and happiness in our life😘😍🙂


A Candle of Hope

Sometimes we have to face a situation that we never think would occur in our life. We cry, we feel sad, but we have to go through it and face it no matter what. If we run away from the situation, we are avoiding the problem, but in reality our problem won’t leave us. So What should one do? The answer lies within you. First, there won’t always be happy moments in our life. One will have memories to cherish, happiness to celebrate, sadness and bad times that will help to learn a lesson or feel a new experience. In all this, one should try to move on with life with a hope that the time will be pass and soon the good times will replace the bad times. So just the way Diwali signifies the victory of good over evil, light a candle of hope in your life and that light will help you move on and will enhance the positivity within you. 

-Heta Gala Naidu


Toilet-Ek Prem Katha Movie Review

So today I am going to review one more movie. Yesterday I went out to watch Toilet-Ek Prem Katha (Toilet- One Love Story) with my brother and my husband. It was one great movie and definitely a worth watch. 

Now the story revolves around the husband named Keshav whose wife left him in the initial days of the marriage because there wasn’t any toilet in his home. Yes! You heard me right. Now this might seem a very funny reason for divorce to a few people, but there are millions of people in India for whom having a toilet is a luxury. Now, back to the story, once his wife abandons him, he sets out on a mission of building a toilet in his village, where for people building a toilet at home is not acceptable because of their age old traditions and beliefs that doesn’t allow impurities or waste related things in their home where their God resides. For them, it’s like insulting their God by having dirt around. On one hand, convincing his father who is a pure Pandit and on the other hand saving his marriage, Keshav fights and wins his wife back by fighting against the beliefs that has been followed for so many years.

Long back, I had blogged on how Defecation is a big problem in my country India. Millions of people defecate in the open due to the non availability of the toilets. Due to the lack of sanitation facilities, poor people are left with no choice except defecating on the roads or in the garbage area or near railway tracks or behind the bushes and so on. Some people even use plastic bags for the toilet matters. Due to this, the hygiene level is zero and the lack of hygiene in return increases the chance of diseases and the health problems. Not only this issue is being faced in the villages, but also, in the major cities too. The problem is not that government isn’t ready to provide proper toilets to them, but in some part of India, there are people who believe in defecating in open and not having a toilet. In some villages, women specially have to walk and go far for defecating. Defecating behind the bushes increases the chance of animal attacks like snake bites. Also, women need privacy during their menstruation period, which is not possible due to the lack of toilets or latrines availability. This not only has the bad impact on their health, but also, affects their dignity. But, even after knowing this, there are many who continue to defecate in open and don’t even consider this as a problem. I have even read that, a few women try to avoid their meals per day so that the need to go to toilet reduces. This in the future will not only affect their health, but also would bring various health risks. 
This motion picture precisely display the issues, convictions and how people must change with the change around. It shows how Keshav fights for his love, his wife’s right to have a toilet at home, making people believe that defecating in open or even in the river is as good as disrespecting God. This movie is based on the true events and is a must watch movie and spreads a great social awareness among us “No toilet, No wife.”
For change in our life, we just can’t be dependent on one person, even we need to change to have a change around or in our life.

-Heta Gala Naidu