As time goes by

There are times when I don’t let myself feel anything,

I get so engrossed into my day-to-day work,

That I don’t let your thoughts inside my head.

But, sometimes you are remembered so badly,

That the place or the work, I am doing, cease to exist.

I look out of the window,

Search for the single star that makes me feel your presence.

Your grandson points out at you,

Whenever he sees one star that we have taught him is his Grandma.

We have told him that you are now in heaven staying with Gods,

And you are watching us from above.

Whenever your grandson, my little nephew sees me crying,

He looks out of the window and calls out for you.

He holds my finger and tells me not to cry,

And offers me a chocolate that he thinks will make me smile.

He amazes me Maa, and even he misses you sometimes.

Your sudden demise has left a strong scar on me,

And also a fear of losing my loved ones.

It’s after your death, I have realized that

Nobody knows how long one might live,

So till the time you are alive, feel every moment

And live every moment with your loved ones.

Give them the time they deserve,

Because time doesn’t wait for anyone.

I miss you Maa.

Heta Gala Naidu


Life lesson 3

We share things with a few people,

Who we think would understand us and won’t judge us.

It’s difficult to find such people,

As they are rare.

So share your secrets only with those,

Who really cares for you and knows you better.

Or else one day those shared secrets would backfire you and you would regret instantly.

Nobody can understand you better than you,

Sharing your feelings with the wrong ones,

Would end up hurting you in the end.

So one must realise and act soon rather than regretting later.


Life lessons 2

Loving someone is easy,

But maintaining that love is hard.

Making promises are easy,

But keeping one is difficult.

So love someone only if you know that you would love them for lifetime and would stand by them in good times or bad times.

Make promises only if you are able to fulfil,

Don’t give false hope to people who truly believe you,

Because of attachments and relations, they will trust in you and give you a chance,

But if you hurt them, they will be shattered badly,

And might be it will take ages for them to trust someone back again.

One should always remember people who never stood by them,

Remember those people who never fought for them,

Never forget people who were not there when you needed them the most.

Such people make you realise to not trust somebody easily,

To not enter into any relationship blindly and get attached so much that you are affected by them very badly later!

They teach you lessons in many ways and one should not forget those experiences for a lifetime.

– Heta Gala Naidu


Life lessons

In life, we have people whom we love tremendously,

We sacrifice things in life for their happiness.

But a few people never look back at us,

They run behind others,

They treat us same as others.

They see the hardship we face while doing things for their happiness,

But they don’t appreciate the hardship.

They get so immune with us not complaining once,

And continue to lead the life the way it is.

The sooner we realise,

It’s better for us.

Sometimes it is very important to let go a few people from our life,

Not because we don’t love them anymore,

As it might be difficult to stop loving them,

But one should start respecting themselves

And work for their own peace of mind.

– Heta Gala Naidu


The bitter truth of life- 2

Don’t ask questions to someone,

Whose answer you know is going to hurt you.

Because it won’t have any impact on the person who is replying,

But it will definitely affect you 

And hurt you within.

It’s not possible to make everyone understand,

And if you have to repeat the same every time,

You need to realize that 

The person is never going to understand you or your feelings. 

So one must accept the fact and stop expecting from others.


I miss you

Reliving the moments, I had with you,

Each place I visited reminded me of you.

Those lanes, our long walks, the beautiful weather, 

The bench on which we sat and had witnessed the beautiful nature. 

Though you are far,

Let me tell you I miss you.

All I wish now is to see you soon,

Share my journey, which was incomplete without you.

-Heta Gala Naidu


Sometimes giving up is a boon

It’s better to face the reality,

Instead of living on a hope for a change

As a few people won’t ever change.

Wasting your energy on the wrong person will only affect your peace,

But it won’t have any impact on that soul.

The sooner we accept 

The better our lives would be.

The more we expect from such people,

The more we are making our life tough.

Sometimes letting your guard down,

Giving up would be a good step.

As we cannot make everyone happy,

So it’s better to move on 

And stay away from such negative energy for our betterment.

Heta Gala Naidu