Discovering Real Togetherness

A little portable device called “smartphone” takes you to the other magical world where humans barely exist! That world is called as “The Universe of Nomophobia”.  These days you will hardly find anyone without a mobile phone. No doubt they are necessary for safety and  connections, but for some humans, mobile phones have become their conjoined companion. For them, living without their smartphone would be almost impossible.

Long back, I had shared an incident of a bus driver who was constantly checking his phone while driving. Later, I had found out that he was immensely busy in chatting and updating something on his Whatsapp! I was wondering at that time that my security was in the hand of such a driver who appears to be more charmed in chuckling at some trivial jokes rather than performing his duty as a safe driver. There are many other examples that I witness everyday. I have seen many people who are glued to their phones even when they are out visiting their relatives or friends. They will click photos and update on various social networking sites with phrases like “Meeting my old friend after a long time.”, “Missed you my friend”, but they hardly converse with them when they are around. So funny! Yes, even I have a smartphone, but I never liked the idea of using when I am with someone. Yes, it’s important for me, but I am not dependent on it to maintain any of my relations. I restrict myself from using it when I walk or when I work or I am out with someone. I don’t understand the meaning behind meeting someone, if they are already busy in  chatting with others over the phone or busy playing games!
Nowadays, even kids play a lot of games on their parent’s phone. They prefer to sit at home and play games over the phone rather than to play outdoor games. Kids have become smarter in unlocking their parent’s phone and playing with it. No doubt, I am grateful to the advanced technology that lets me to be in constant touch with many of my friends who stay far from me. I am thankful to the technology for entertaining me when I feel bored. Yes, this little device is magical in many ways, but one shouldn’t be completely dependent on it that they forget the world around them. 
To break the shackles of the digital world, Hindustan Unilever Ltd through one of its brand Kissan  has come up with a small initiative where  they have started with a program called “Discovering Real Togetherness”. Kissanpur calls people to come and discover the joy of Real Togetherness. Have a look at their video and take a part in their initiative by registering yourself. For more details, please visit their site: http://www.kissanpur.com/ 


The new Airtel 4G challenge

Airtel launches a new 4G service across the country. It has come up with a challenge wherein they claim that their network is faster than other network and if not they will pay our mobile bill for life. Isn’t it great? We all need a better and a faster connectivity for surfing, for downloading movies, songs or any other files. So, If you crave speed, Airtel 4G is for you. Gone will be the days of overnight movie downloads & low res video streams. 
To avail the 4G service, one must have a 4G compatible cellphone and a 4G enabled SIM card. Airtel 4G is the first telecom operator to roll out 4G service. It has launched the service of 4G, across 296 cities. If you think with the fastest speed, it may be available at a higher price than you are wrong! Yes, 4G is available at 3G prices. Unbelievable! 

If you are a current Airtel subscriber with 3G network, you can avail the 4G service free with no additional cost. Yes, because 4G speed is available at 3G price! All you have to do is, request for a 4G SIM and Airtel will deliver the same at your doorstep. You can tweet #GetAirtel4G from your 4G compatible device and Airtel will soon reply you with a link. In that link, you just need to fill in some detail and Airtel will deliver the 4G Sim at your doorstep. 

Airtel 4G is available to its customers through devices like mobile phones, dongles, and Wi-Fi dongles. To avail the Airtel 4G service, customers just have to switch to a 4G SIM in their devices. Airtel provides with various data plans for your mobiles like unlimited music, movies, calls etc. at different price. 4G dongle is available at Rs.1500 and 4G home wifi is available at Rs. 2500. 
Also, Airtel lets you take a demo of their fastest ever 4G network. You just have to visit your nearby Airtel showroom and then you can experience the 4G first hand. 

So what are you waiting for? Go and grab the best suited Airtel 4G plan and explore the new, faster network ever. Airtel 4G – The Fastest Network Ever
 What will you do with these unbelievable speeds under your hood? 

The brief features of 4G Airtel are here again;

1) Get a 4G SIM is just a tweet away – #GetAirtel4G

2) Free home deliverey of 4G SIM

3) 4G available at 3G price.

4) One can experience the network before switching to 4G plan by visiting the airtel showroom.

5) Upgradation from 3G to 4G free for Airtel subscribers.

6) One must have 4G enabled smartphones or devices to enjoy the 4G network.

7) Many offers available to buy 4G enabled smartphones. For details please visit the airtel website : http://www.airtel.in/4g/


Save the Species!

Now a days, there are many animals who are on verge of extinction. The count of those species is declining day by day due to the human’s various sly needs. Many animals are hunted down for their skins, teeth or bones which are then traded illegally in the market in the return of money. Sometimes, they are just being besieged for fun or pride. 

There are many organisations, who are working hard to preserve such animal species who are disappearing. Mr. Ashok Mahindra, the author has recently come out with a wildlife based photo book “Capturing a wildlife moments in India”. The author has travelled to numerous national parks and sanctuaries around in India and have displayed 120 photographs of animals who are on verge of extinction in his book. The book highlights the rich heritage and a range of wildlife in India. It’s an educational book published by the Oxford University Press in an alliance with the Bombay Natural History Society.
Recently, SaevusWildlife (India’s premium wildlife and natural history web portal and magazine ) and Mr. Ashok Mahindra, the author, gave me an opportunity to create awareness among the people to preserve the endangered species before it is too late. If anyone asks me, which animals I would want to save, I would have answered, ALL. But, keeping in mind, the list of endangered or vulnerable species of animals provided to me, I think I would choose to conserve :
1. Bengal Tiger: Slide12Bengal tiger, also known as Royal tiger, is a national animal of India. One of the world’s largest cats, tigers are highly on the brink of extinction. They are classified as a highly endangered species in India. Many years ago, there were more than 1 lakh tigers in Asia, but now the count has decreased gradually and has come down to around 3000 out of which hardly 1411 number of tigers are left in India. They are being killed and their body parts are illegally traded in the exchange of money. Humans are making money and doing a business by killing many innocent animals. I know that Tigers are carnivores. They kill other animals to feed themselves and their family. Many of you must be wondering, why we should conserve them, if they kill animals and sometimes humans too. The simplest answer that I could think of is, to conserve our forests! Yes, the presence of tigers in the forests would likely keep the humans at bay as knowing the fact that tigers are  roaming in the forests, human wouldn’t enter the forests to save their life.  Since many years, the forests have been cut down for human activities. Due to deforestation,  the rain forest would soon disappear, which is a source of many items, we use at our home. Food, water and many medicines too are made from the ingredients that are found only in these forests. So, in order to save our forests, we must stop killing tigers who in turn keep some animals and humans at bay because of the fear. So, I feel we should conserve tigers by adequate measures of protection and also in turn preserve our forests. 
2. Indian Hog Deer: 
The population of  Indian Hog Deer has drastically declined over a few years now. They are normally found in tall grassland areas and they prefer open habitats rather than the closed forests. The Indian Hog deer is also considered as an endangered species in India. They are getting extinct and have decreased in numbers. They are being hunted down for their meat and for making some traditional medicines. Indian Hog deer survives on grasses and leaves. They don’t harm humans, but are easily hunted down by them as compared to other deer species as they reside in open habitats and are easily visible to hunters. They are very rare species and they need to be conserved by implementing some conservation measures like giving proper protection to them from hunters. Many organisations have initiated programmes that educate the problems face by these species of animals. 
3. Asiatic Elephants:
The population of the Asiatic Elephants has reduced by 50% over the last 60 to 75 years. These mega-herbivore species do not harm humans unless they are provoked or aim to protect their kids. They survive on leaves, grass or fallen fruits. They are classified as endangered species just like the above two species of animals. The biggest threats to Asiatic Elephants is illegal ivory trade for which they are brutally killed. For an elephant, family is very important and a calf’s existence depends upon their mother’s milk for almost first two years of their life. So, sometimes these calves are orphaned because their mothers are brutally killed for many human sly needs. Also, the increase in human population near river valleys and plains has forced elephants to move to less suitable forest areas which are highly dangerous because of hunters, poachers and developers. Also, elephants are killed by farmers as they stray out of the forest into settled areas and damaged the crops and property of humans. Nowadays, elephants are also supplied for industrial and entertainment purposes and later tortured or killed by humans, if they are found of no use to them. So, if the actions are not taken to conserve the Asiatic elephants, which are one of the giant species of animals, soon they will disappear completely. 
Due to the greed of humans, we have lost many wildlife species already. So, now let’s save our planet and conserve the wildlife species before it’s too late.   

PS : I am participating in the Save the Species contest for the book “Capturing Wildlife Moments in India” in association with Saevus Wildlife India, read the reviews for the book ‘Capturing Wildlife Moments in India’ here


Stay Healthy, Stay Fit!

In this busy world, we are not able to devote proper time to ourselves. Juggling between work and household tasks (especially for working women), we tend to ignore our health. Priorities surrounding us tires our body and this in turn increases inactiveness inside us. There are hardly a few people who actually take some time out from their busy schedule and try to relax their body by indulging themselves into various physical activities. Sometimes, I don’t blame people who don’t work out as the kind of work pressure they have their bodies are hardly left with any energy to perform some kind of physical activities. But one must also remember that the greatest treasure in this whole world is “One’s Health”. The wealth gained by your hard work won’t get you any happiness or peace, if you are not healthy and later the same wealth earned is spent on your bad health. 

Every morning when I get up, I start my day with Yoga. Performing various asanas of Yoga, not only relaxes your mind and body, but helps to maintain your body in shape. Practicing yoga on a daily basis will help you rejuvenate your mind and body. Followed by this, I also have warm water with honey mixed with it on an empty stomach. Honey is considered to be one of the best sources of food around the world. Having a spoonful of honey mixed with warm water every morning helps us maintain our weight. Honey is believed to be a good source of energy that helps in digestion. Honey is a healthier substitute to sugar when looking to reduce weight as it has lesser calories than sugar and contains vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which are good for health. Not only that, honey acts as wonder for beautiful, glowing and healthy looking skin. It even  cures our cough and throat irritation, if any. 
Dabur introduces the Honey Diet wherein, it gives you fitness tips to stay fit and healthy. Also, it tells you about the benefits of honey and gives you the chance to talk to the dietician directly. The Dabur honey diet provides with the ideal diet plan you should have by taking the details of your Body Mass Index(BMI) and Calories intake. One can calculate their BMI and calories by entering the details of height and weight as asked in BMI and Calories calculator tools. There is one section in this Honey diet that provides various delicious food recipes that uses honey instead of sugar as one of their ingredients.
   So apply the quote, ” Better late than never” before your health takes a toll. Switch to a healthier lifestyle by following some simple steps in your daily routine. Doing exercise, replacing sugar with honey would be a great start. Initially, you may find it a bit tough, but soon your body would get used to the process and you would find yourself at peace and your body would feel more active than earlier. For more details, please visit: http://www.daburhoney.com/ and  Honey Diet

Surf it All! Surf it Fast!!

Cricket is a force like no other in our country. It entices us to skip work, postpone family get-together’s, bunk tuition, and sometimes even cancel a date. 
But, now a days through many applications, one could stay connected to the game while not missing out on all the little things that make life worthwhile.

“Harish, get up immediately and be ready in the next ten minutes.” yelled his mother.

“Mum, why is it necessary for us to come to this wedding? Today is really an important match between India and Australia and we really don’t want to miss it for some distant relative’s marriage. Nobody knows us there and even we don’t know anyone. What’s the use than in attending the marriage!” Harish replied in an annoying tone. 

“Enough of your drama! She is your second cousin and her parents have invited our whole family to this marriage. It won’t look good at all, if they come to know that both of my sons have not come! Just be more responsible now, Harish and please wake up your little brother Ankit. I want both of you to get ready soon.” his mum replied angrily. 

“Ankit, wake up. We have no choice now. Just get ready and forget about the match. We are going to have an awesome evening, screwing ourselves at some long distance cousin’s wedding.” Harish said irritatingly.


“Harish, please I can’t miss the match. We have to do something! It’s India v/s Australia and that too, it’s a semi-final Match! How can you even think of missing it? There must be some way.“His little brother replied in a very sad tone.

After sometime……

 “What?” Harish look baffled seeing his brother’s changed expression.


“I have got an idea.”  Ankit replied, blowing his hair from his forehead and winking at his elder brother. 

“Ankit, we are late and mum is soon going to come again. But, seeing your notorious expression, I really think your cunning mind has come up once more with a brand new idea! What is it? Please tell me fast before, I change my mind of shouting at you again. “Replied Harish.

“What are you doing in your phone, Ankit? I am waiting here to listen to your brand new idea of making my evening better! Can you just be serious and tell me!”

“Come here, I will show you something, my elder Brother.” Ankit replied, winking at his brother once again. 

“A few days back, one of my friends had told me about this new application called UC browser. It’s a mobile browser developed by UC Web.  It grants you fast and convenient browsing experience and that too for free. First, we have to download the application on our mobile. Once downloaded, open the application and you would discover many options displaying like News, Entertainment, Emails, Social Media applications like Facebook or Twitter, Videos and many more. Just type the thing that you desire to see and it will display the options as per your search. This browser is pretty similar to Chrome and gives search results just like we get in Chrome. Besides, we also get notified about the important thing in the notification area. So here, I type cricket and we can watch cricket match without any disturbances.  You know, you can Surf it All, Surf it fast with UC Browser, it’s faster, easier to use with seamless transitions. It features UC Cricket which is a space dedicated for every cricket fan, joining them to the match wherever they are. ” Ankit said excitedly to Harish. 

“Whoa! In this way, we won’t miss the match and we could attend the boring marriage function of our cousin too! Superb, brother. Now, let us be quick or else our mother would scold us again for being late! “Harish replied happily.

So, go and try this new application and enjoy your smooth  surfing like never more! For more details, please visit; http://www.ucweb.com/ 
         UC Cricket

PS: All characters of the story narrated above  are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. This post is a part of promotion.


Come Closer to Radiant skin

When it comes to our skincare, we all think of various ways to keep our skin more smooth, clear and clean. We experiment with various face wash, face packs, scrubs, toners and finally we settle down with the products that best suits our skin. Also, apart from the branded products that we use and include in our daily skin care regime, we also opt for taking care of our skin in many natural ways. We have many good stuffs available at our home itself that could help to make our skin look healthier and could bring some natural glow on our face.

I would share a few of the simple skin care tips that I follow whenever I get time;

1. Every morning, I have a glass of warm water with a few drops of lemon in it on an empty stomach. Even one can add a teaspoon of honey in it. It not only benefits the digestive system of our body, but also helps to keep the formation of acne or wrinkles at bay.

2. Applying the Mud mask or Multani mithi (popularly known in INDIA) on your face would give a radiant and glowing skin.

3. Applying honey on your face also makes your skin smoother and beautiful. Keep it on for 20 mins and rinse it with warm water for good results.

4. One must apply sunscreen lotion on their face 20 minutes before going out. One must make this compulsory, especially before leaving their house or going for some outdoor activities like swimming to avoid getting tan.

5. Before sleeping at night, one must remove the make up applied on their face by the cleanser that best suits your face.

Other than the above skin care tips, one can also follow a few other steps that, I have heard from my friends and a few I have learned from grandma’s recipes for beautiful skin.

Using Aloe Vera Gel to prevent the skin from ageing as it contains Vitamins C and E that will help to keep the skin hydrated. Aloe Vera helps to minimise the wrinkles and acne, making your skin look more supple and soft.

Turmeric or Haldi is one of the commonly used spices in INDIA and it is easily available at home. It helps to keep your skin free from signs of ageing. One can mix the turmeric with the gram flour and make a paste of it with the help of water. Apply and keep it on your face for 20 minutes and rinse off with warm water.

Take a tablespoon of lemon juice, one cup of rose water and half cup of cucumber juice. Mix all the three ingredients and apply it on your face. This paste will help to reduce the large pores on your face and will help to lighten your skin.

(Vicco Turmeric Cream)


(Ayurveda has various benefits. An Ayurveda facial care regime improves the texture and health of the skin as opposed to a harmful cosmetic one. Its Ayurvedic formula combined with the microbicide properties of turmeric prevents oily skin, fights pimples and clears blackheads.)


The new application of Airtel- My Airtel


A few days ago, Airtel company announced a new app for smartphones  called “My Airtel” app where its simple and intuitive design helps you manage all your DTH, Broadband, Prepaid & postpaid services at one place. Apart from amazing offers for post paid and prepaid users it also helps you pay your bills, recharge your DTH, track account usage, track service requests, buy products, add your family & friends’ numbers and much more. It’s the simplest way to manage all your Airtel services through your handset!

Let us explore the application in the detail below. Firstly, download the application on your smartphone(Only those who are Airtel number user). It is available on Android, IOS, Windows phone, Ovi (Nokia store) and Blackberry. Later follow the simple steps as shown on the screen of your smartphone to start using the application.


Now one can do the recharges, pay bills and avail the other services provided by the Airtel. With every recharge you do, Airtel will surprise you with many coupons. One can redeem the coupons against shopping or food or entertainment. Some of the coupons provided are of very popular brands like Flipkart, Myntra, PVR Cinemas, Archies, Cafe Coffee Day, VLCC,  Amazon, Ebay and Many more.


Secondly, one can create shortcuts for the frequent tasks used under the tab ” I want to”. In this feature, one can create shortcut for Bill payments, recharge, buy packs, order games, view balances, data consumed details, recharge history and many more under the tab “I want to”.


One can track the payment bill details easily. Recharging DTH or recharging the top up for mobiles have now become very easy. Even one can make payments for postpaid, or fixed landline bills in a very convenient and a safe way through PCIDSS Certification and through faster checkout by saving the card details. In case of Airtel Money, one can do recharges or make payments instantly from the  Airtel wallet. Airtel money is an account on the phone, in which one can load money and then use it for a host of services like sending money, pay bills and recharge, directly from your mobile. It is just like a bank account wherein one can deposit money and also withdraw money. One can also send money to some other Airtel mobile number and earn an interest of 4% per annum on the balance amount of the mobile account.

There is one more feature called Airtel Live wherein one can get latest news updates, wallpapers, music, serials, movie and many more. The Airtel App also lets us to enjoy a feature called “One Touch Internet” where, one can discover the world of mobile internet with tutorial videos for Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and more at zero cost. One can try Facebook, Twitter and many more at zero data charges. And afterward, when one feels ready, one can purchase the data pack for uninterrupted usage thereon. This feature is available solely for registered Airtel mobile number users. Besides, the application gives you alerts on low balance, low data, bill payment due dates and much more.

So if you are a registered Airtel number user, go and explore the My Airtel application and enjoy the benefits provided. For more details log on to : http://www.airtel.in/myairtel