Sometimes you have so many things to say, but you don’t know from where to start things.

Sometimes we are so happy to accomplish things and sometimes, we cross the old paths yet again and wonder why it’s happening to us.

It’s in toughest times that we learn so many things and coming out strong of it would be the best victory one can ever achieve.


Life lessons 4

With my experiences in life, I have learned that time, relations and money have a great value. Time doesn’t wait for anyone once gone. Entering into a relation is easy but maintaining it for a lifetime is difficult and biggest responsibility. Money doesn’t come easily and One has to work hard to earn it. So value these three things in life because not everyone is lucky enough to have these in their life. If we don’t value what we have, we don’t deserve to have it at first place. There are people who don’t have much time, but have tons of responsibilities, wishes to accomplish, some don’t have the money to fulfill their big dreams and some don’t have money to even fulfill a day’s of their water and food quota. Many people have everything, but don’t have people to be there by their side, to love them, to support them or to listen to them. So one must value things that they have. One must do right to preserve the same. Today Time helps us to do so many things, we get one more day to live and do things that we ought to do. It’s because of money, we are able to eat, drink and are able to provide for our family. And most of all, it’s our beautiful relations that we share with our parents, spouse, siblings and friends that we are able to keep our sanity in check, have someone to share our happiness with, have someone’s shoulders to cry on.

So one must always value what they have and respect the value of time, relations and money.


Life lesson 3

We share things with a few people,

Who we think would understand us and won’t judge us.

It’s difficult to find such people,

As they are rare.

So share your secrets only with those,

Who really cares for you and knows you better.

Or else one day those shared secrets would backfire you and you would regret instantly.

Nobody can understand you better than you,

Sharing your feelings with the wrong ones,

Would end up hurting you in the end.

So one must realise and act soon rather than regretting later.


Life lessons 2

Loving someone is easy,

But maintaining that love is hard.

Making promises are easy,

But keeping one is difficult.

So love someone only if you know that you would love them for lifetime and would stand by them in good times or bad times.

Make promises only if you are able to fulfil,

Don’t give false hope to people who truly believe you,

Because of attachments and relations, they will trust in you and give you a chance,

But if you hurt them, they will be shattered badly,

And might be it will take ages for them to trust someone back again.

One should always remember people who never stood by them,

Remember those people who never fought for them,

Never forget people who were not there when you needed them the most.

Such people make you realise to not trust somebody easily,

To not enter into any relationship blindly and get attached so much that you are affected by them very badly later!

They teach you lessons in many ways and one should not forget those experiences for a lifetime.

– Heta Gala Naidu


Life lessons

In life, we have people whom we love tremendously,

We sacrifice things in life for their happiness.

But a few people never look back at us,

They run behind others,

They treat us same as others.

They see the hardship we face while doing things for their happiness,

But they don’t appreciate the hardship.

They get so immune with us not complaining once,

And continue to lead the life the way it is.

The sooner we realise,

It’s better for us.

Sometimes it is very important to let go a few people from our life,

Not because we don’t love them anymore,

As it might be difficult to stop loving them,

But one should start respecting themselves

And work for their own peace of mind.

– Heta Gala Naidu


Thoughts for the day..!

We cannot comment on someone else’s choice,

When we don’t know what made them do that.

We can understand that only if we are in their situation.


It’s easy to ask for a favor from someone,

But how much that favor costs that someone, you cannot count that.

As only the one who did favor to you would know the actual cost he had to pay for that!


Don’t hurt people who gave you a second chance in their life,

Even after you betrayed them or broke their trust.

As life won’t give a second chance to everyone.


When someone gives away their precious gift for you,

Hold those people in your life.

As these people are rare,

Who sacrifices things to just see you happy.

-Heta Gala Naidu


A Candle of Hope

Sometimes we have to face a situation that we never think would occur in our life. We cry, we feel sad, but we have to go through it and face it no matter what. If we run away from the situation, we are avoiding the problem, but in reality our problem won’t leave us. So What should one do? The answer lies within you. First, there won’t always be happy moments in our life. One will have memories to cherish, happiness to celebrate, sadness and bad times that will help to learn a lesson or feel a new experience. In all this, one should try to move on with life with a hope that the time will be pass and soon the good times will replace the bad times. So just the way Diwali signifies the victory of good over evil, light a candle of hope in your life and that light will help you move on and will enhance the positivity within you. 

-Heta Gala Naidu