Those jingling sound of Anklets-Part 2

Continued story part of Those jingling sound of Anklets-Part 1

“Ritika kept weeping. She felt alone as no one believed in her story. She held her mother tightly because she was afraid. Staring at her mom’s face, she thought “Mom, why don’t you believe me? Please don’t ignore me. I need you, Mom. I am afraid to be alone. I am scared to feel all these weird things happening around, only with me. Please Mom, Help me.”

After some time, she slept with her eyes still wet with the tears. Looking around, she whispers. ” Are you still there?””


During the night, Ritika’s mother got up for the washroom. She turned to her right facing towards her wardrobe and thought, “Really, is there something happening in this house! Or else it’s just a bad dream of her. “After some time, she dismissed the thoughts running in her mind and went towards the bathroom.


“What is this?” She bent down to take the thing that hurt her feet. The silver bracelet with the tiny round design on it and which had three silver small bells at one end of it. Suddenly, she realizes it is an anklet and not a chain. She was completely flabbergasted. She thought to herself, “I don’t have any such anklet and it does not belong to Ritika either. Then to whom does it belong to? And what is this doing here. Ritika have told me something about the anklets. Is this the part of those? Is there someone in this house except me and Ritika? “

Suddenly she heard her wardrobe door closing behind her. But as soon as she turned no one was there. She went near her wardrobe and opened it with her trembling hands. She looked inside, but there was no one. She was very scared and she closed her wardrobe doors and went back to her bed. She kept the anklet on the top of the drawer just beside her bed. She took out the prayer book from her drawer and started chanting the slogans. After sometime, she slept.

The next day, she woke up with a sudden thud. The bottle of water beside her bed had fallen down. She breathed in relief and recollected what all had happened the last night. She wondered whether it was just a dream or all those things had actually taken place. She couldn’t see the anklet she had found the previous night. She opened her drawer and the prayer book was still inside it.

“Everything is in its place. Then was it simply a dream?” She asked to herself. Ritika was sleeping peacefully beside her. She looked at her daughter and kissed her forehead. “May be I am just worried for my daughter and what she had told me was running in my mind and that’s why I had a dream of it. “

Ignoring her running thoughts, she went to the washroom to freshen up. After some time, Ritika woke up. Rubbing her eyes, she stared at her side of drawer. She opened it and took out the anklet which she found the previous night near her bed. “Mom won’t believe me. I will keep this anklet with me as it won’t make any difference, even if I showed it to her. She will again ignore me and may think that I am making up a story. She may feel that I may have stolen the anklet of someone to just prove her of my story. I have tried many times reasoning with her, but all have gone in vain. I am alone and all I know is, that person, whoever she is, haven’t hurt me so far. I have to deal with this matter alone. “She kept the anklet back into her drawer and got up to get ready for her school.

The days passed by, but the incident didn’t stop. Ritika was now used to the noise of anklets. At exactly 3 am in the morning, she heard the jingling sound of the anklets near her Mom’s wardrobe. All she did was, she prayed to her God. On the other hand, her mother never felt the same incident ever again. She had forgotten the incident that had happened to her considering it as just a dream…

PS: All characters appearing in this post are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. 


Those jingling sound of Anklets… Part 1

“Mom, please wake up. I just heard it again. ”

“What is it, honey? What have you heard? Sweetie, it’s almost three in the morning! Why are you still awake?” She asked rubbing her eyes and staring at her frightened daughter.

“Mom, those…sound of anklets. I mean, I heard the same sound of the anklets near your wardrobe.”

Switching the lights on, she said “Honey, you must have had a terrible dream. See there is no one there. Just relax my child. Please get back to your bed and sleep.”

“Mom, I really heard it. I am not lying. ” Ritika said almost like a whisper.

Taking her daughter in her arms, she said. “Come on honey. Go to bed and sleep. I have to go to the office and you have a surprise test at your school. Remember? Hence, to be fresh in the morning, my daughter needs to have a good sleep. Am I right, honey?”

“Yes, Mom. But…”

“Just relax honey. I am here. No one would do anything to you. Because Mamma is going to sleep beside her lovely daughter. ”

She sheathes her daughter in her embrace and sings a lullaby to get her sleep.

The next day, Ritika goes to her school as usual, but she was still scared with the incidents that took place last night. This was not the first time; she felt some sort of paranormal activity at her home. Ritika stays alone with her single working mother. She has felt someone’s presence before too. She has complained to her Mom many times, but her mother has always brushed her cries and considered it as her bad dream. Ritika was afraid to return to her home. No one believed her. Even her friends had once laughed at her and thought it to be her created spurious story.

Night fell and Ritika was waiting to go to bed. Her fear was not letting her sleep though. She had asked her mother to sleep with her today. Hugging her mother tight, she was looking around to check if someone was there. Shortly after some time she drifted into her sleep.

The sound of the jingling anklets awakens Ritika. The sound was coming near and her heartbeats started running fast. Suddenly the sound stopped near her Mom’s wardrobe and she could hear someone opening the wardrobe. She got scared and started waking up her mother.

On the spur of the moment, she saw a feeble image of someone’s feet with those dangling anklets on it near her Mom’s wardrobe. Perspiration started forming on her forehead and she screams loudly. Listening to her loud wail, her mother wakes up.

“Ritika, what is the matter? Are you fine? Her mother asked worriedly.

“Mom, look behind you. She is there.”

Her mother turns behind, but sees nothing. She caresses her scared daughter and tells her again that it is just a bad dream. Ritika tried to convince her mother about what she experienced was real and not just a dream, but her mother denied and shunned her.

“Ritika, honey, Listen. I know you are scared, but try to understand it was just a dream. Nothing is real. Look around you. No one is here, honey. Just try to relax and sleep. ”

Ritika kept weeping. She felt alone as no one believed in her story. She held her mother tightly because she was afraid. Staring at her mom’s face, she thought “Mom, why don’t you believe me? Please don’t ignore me. I need you, Mom. I am afraid to be alone. I am scared to feel all these weird things happening around, only with me. Please Mom, Help me.”

After some time, she slept with her eyes still wet with the tears. Looking around, she whispers. ” Are you still there?”

To be continued…………….

PS: All characters appearing in this post are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. 


Never lose Any hope 

In life, we all must have been through tough times. During such times, all we could think of is “how to deal with the situation and how to defeat it.” Sometimes, we lose the hope of being back to what and where we were and our mind would be occupied only with the negative thoughts with no space for the positive ones to enter.

I remember one such incident, where I had lost all my hope. I was not able to think straight. All I could think of was “Now, nothing can be done.”  I was tensed. I just left the work, I was doing and thought of taking a walk. Placing the earphones into my ears, listening to a few of my favourite songs, I started walking. Thoughts were running through my mind and tears were welling up in my eyes. The streets were busy as usual. People were immersed in their busy life. My tears and the tension inside me were not bothered by anyone around, as people were having their own problems and they were busy in solving it. One of the point, I have always admired of my city Mumbai is, no one would be bothered about you or what you do. You are like a free bird and can do anything, as if no one is watching you. But, today I needed someone to talk to. Today, I didn’t want to be alone. I wanted someone with whom I could talk, share, yell at and demand an answer or a solution. I kept walking and saw a cafe nearby. I thought of grabbing a coffee for myself. I went inside and placed the order. I took a seat and waited for my coffee to arrive. Behind me there was a  TV where, a reality show was going on. The episode that was running was based on one of the serious social issue”child trafficking”. As I had missed the start of the episode, I was trying to understand the story and was connecting the missed part of it. A ten years old girl was abducted and she was forced into prostitution. She had tried to escape from there many times, but, she failed. She was punished for her act and was beaten badly for eloping. I was feeling pity for her and for a moment, I had forgotten my problem and was engrossed in watching the show. The girl was brave and very strong. Though she had a fear of getting caught again, but, she dint gave up. After her many unsuccessful attempts, she finally got a chance to run without anyone’s notice. She gave a call from a PCO to her parents and informed them about her whereabouts. With the help of police and her smartness, she succeeded in eloping. Later the criminals were arrested and put behind the bars.

I felt happy for her and also, I was feeling better than before. After, having my coffee, I went outside. I thought to myself, even after a pile of problems, nothing stopped the girl. Her willpower was strong and she didn’t lose her hope of freeing herself from this problem. She tried and tried until she succeeded. Seeing, the story of that courageous girl, A new hope was building inside me. ” If that young girl can do it, why can’t I?”.

Though, later on, my problem didn’t get solved completely, but, yes I was feeling light. One should never give up their hope, as our future can be good only if, we keep some hope alive within us. Be it a job, or  love, or planning to buy a new home or anything, never give up, if the problem arises. Instead be optimistic and try to find a solution for the problem. Watching the episode of that seven year old girl that day, taught me “to never give up and to never lose a hope.” Also, this  reminds me of, one of my poems, I had written long back.

Keep Alive a Ray of Hope Within:

“There may have been times, when you may have felt no worth,

 Things around you dint happened the way you wanted to. 

During such times, you may feel low or doubt the reason of your existence on earth,

 Everything around you would seem negative, you wonder what to do next, and won’t have any clue.

 At that time, just say yourself “you can do it”, 

Life hasn’t ended here, have hope and so don’t lose it. 

Learn from your past mistakes and have new hopes for a better tomorrow, 

The important thing in life is to never stop and instead think positive and try to forget the past sorrows. 

Hope is the only thing that makes a man thrive,

 Never give up, keep the faith and hope, as that’s the only way to survive.”

-Heta Gala

(Keep alive the ray of Hope Within )

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A dreamy proposal


True love comes to a few lucky ones and if you are one of those few, then don’t look back. When someone is in love, they imagine themselves in a different universe altogether. A world, where everything seems lovely and incredible. It’s a feeling that would give you happiness and joy that cannot be measured. So the day you encounter your true love, never miss a chance to express your love for them. Let them know, what you feel about them.

When somebody asked me, how would you express your feelings to the person you love, the first thought that came in my mind was expressing my love in the form of words. Being a writer, I feel my words would make a powerful impact on him. I would choose to go to some quiet place and would let my feelings talk in the form of words.

Ajay, I am standing downstairs. Will you please come down?” said Akansha.

I have planned everything and I hope it goes well. I know my friends told me to wait, but, I feel I am doing the right thing. Usually a guy takes a step ahead and proposes to a girl. But, in our case it is going to be “me”😌! The time has changed now, I live in the 21st century. I am smart, independent and powerful, so I don’t have the fear of rejection. On the other hand, my heart says that he loves me too and I don’t need to be afraid of anything. Just do it Akansha, just follow your heart. Thoughts were running in Akansha’s mind while she was waiting for Ajay.

“Akansha, what happened? Are you fine? It’s 11:30 pm right now. What brings you here at this late hour honey?”

Oh, he just called me honey 😛. “See”, , it won’t be hard. Now stop shaking and just say it Akansha 😑.

“Akansha! What are you thinking? I am asking you something… Is everything fine?”

“Ajay, I need to tell you something very important. Actually..”

Akansha say it 😐. Be confident the way you are always! Don’t be scared.

Akansha held his hand and began walking towards her car.

“Where are we going Akansha? Say something?”

“Ajay, you trust me, right?”

Ajay nodded with his head and they both sat in the car.

“Then just be patient. I need to tell you something and I don’t think this is the right place to talk.”

Ajay with a befuddled look on his face thought of asking Akansha but, he immediately dropped the idea and remained calm. After half an hour of driving, Akansha stopped the car and got down. She opened the door of the car for Ajay and held his hand.  The weather was cold and the cool breeze made both of them shiver. Ajay looked around  and was awed by the beauty. They were surrounded by  the beautiful mountains.

“Ajay, remember this place? This is the place where we had met for the first time.”

“Yes :), I do remember.”

“Ajay, I have been waiting to tell you something since long, but, I was waiting for the perfect time and the perfect moment. And I feel the time has now come. Do you know, what today is? And what is today’s date, Ajay?”

“14th February…”

“ Yes! By now, you must have realized, what I am going to say. Anyways, before wasting any more time, let me come straight to the point. Ajay, I am in love with you. Your presence has changed my life in many ways. You have always been supportive to me and have been there whenever I needed you. Every single day, you have made me realize that life without you would be nothing. You have given me immense happiness and now even I want to bring the same joy in your life. So, Mr. Ajay would you give me a chance to love you. Will you be my Valentine?”

Ajay smiled and hugged Akansha tightly, “ Yes, Yes, Yes. “

“Happy Valentine’s Day, Ajay. I love you.”

“I love you too, honey.”

“Wait, I have something to make our moment more special” Said Akansha 😉 .

She opened the trunk of her car and took out a bottle of champagne and the two glasses. She poured champagne for both of them.

“Let’s celebrate Ajay. Cheers!”

“I love you Akansha. Thanks for making me feel so special today. It’s the best valentine gift, I have ever received. “

PS: All characters appearing in this post are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. ( http://cupidgames.closeup.in/ )


Courage never backs down.

“I am lying down on the floor and the only thing that I can feel, is the pain. My head is throbbing badly and I can’t see anything properly. The  blood is oozing out of my body and its foul smell has permeated around. The end is coming near and I have very less time, I feel. My mind is reeling with many questions, but the pain is not allowing me to think much on it. All I want now, is to have you beside me, my love and see you for the one last time. Tears are welling up in my eyes and I want to cry harder but, the pain doesn’t even allow me for this too. What did I do wrong, God? I was helping a woman in trouble. A few men had surrounded her and were harassing her. She was crying and was calling for help. No! She wasn’t alone. She was besieged by a bunch of audiences who were just viewing the heinous act and enjoying the show. Most of them were men , but nobody had the moxie to move forward and help the woman in distress. I heard her screaming and thought of helping her. I went forward with a few of my male friends along, to save that girl. I raised my voice and shouted at those goons. They told me and my friends to back off, but we didn’t. One of the goons, tried to touch me and I slapped him tight across his face. Seeing this, his allies attacked us. The fight started between those goons and my friends. I took the girl aside and came back to stop my friends from fighting. Suddenly, I hollered and I felt a heavy pain on my head. I turned around and saw the goon holding the metal rod in his hand. I could see the ire in his eyes. With the cunning smile on his face, he punched me again with the rod on my face and I fell down on the road with the enormous pain. One of my friend got hold of him and he began beating him. With my eyes half open, I saw a police van coming in our direction. Last, I saw my friend trying to wake me up. God, what wrong did I do? I have heard you helped the person in need. Then why were you not with me! You should have punished those goons, but, here I am, lying half unconscious for saving a person in need. Here I am, who is losing her life for doing some good deed. I want to question you more but, I am not able to because of the pain. Why me God, why?”

” Ankita, wake up. Please wake up.”my mom is crying and shaking my body. I wish, I could have hugged her for the one last time. Sitting beside my dead body, I see my mom crying uncontrollably. She has lost her child for no reason.

” Mom, I am here. Mom, please take care of yourself. I know you cannot hear me as I am no more a human. My soul has left my body already. I am sorry to leave you alone but, you have always taught me to help people in need. Today it has cost my life. I know Mom, I wasn’t wrong but, my faith chose to end my life to save one life. I will miss you Mom and please make sure those goons are punished. Bye Mom,  I am going to a new place where no such bad things happen. A place where there are no humans, but only the dead souls. I don’t know when such crimes would cease to exist in the world around, but, now I have no fear of being raped or murdered. Goodbye Mom.”

The following day’s newspaper article….

” A twenty five year old girl died while saving the other girl from the eve teasers who were harassing the girl. The accused were under arrest and were put behind the bars.”

After a month…

The newspaper article…

” The accused in the Ankita’s case were released on the bail. They were proved to be innocent and were freed. The Ankita’s family is in a deep sorrow. When we asked her Mom, How does she feel listening that the accused of her daughter’s murder case are released? Here’s what she said, ” I feel sorry for my daughter. But, where ever she is, I promise her to fight and not to lose hope. I would appeal in the Supreme Court for the justice to my daughter. I will fight till I am alive.”

PS: All characters appearing in this post are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. 

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A lesson, only a Mother can teach!


Slowly,  Aisha moves her hand on her big round shaped belly. She is having her own time with her baby who is resting in her womb.

“In a few days, you will enter this world. You will be able to see this world around, on your own. There are many beautiful places to see around, delicious food to taste, lovely aromas to smell and feel it. But, there are ugly  things too, my child. There are a few obstructive people around who, hurt humans in many forms. They are demons in the form of human. They are sons of  those mothers who curse and blame themselves for giving birth to such a  devil. I know my baby, you don’t understand a few things, I am telling you right now, but, before you come out, I want you to say one thing. If you are a boy, respect every woman. Don’t shame me by disrespecting other woman’s dignity. And if you are a girl, I promise to keep you safe from the all the evil in this world . Always stand up for your respect and never feel ashamed.”

“Aisha, to whom are you talking to?” asked her husband Ajith.

“I am talking to our child. Teaching him or maybe her a few lessons which every child must be taught.”

Kissing his wife, Ajith says, ” oh and what did our child learn today?”

“To respect. Nowadays, the world is no more filled with love. Humans are killed in the name of religions, Womens are raped brutally in the crave for lust. Almost, everyday, we hear a woman being raped somewhere out there. Her soul is killed by the child of the other mother. Ajith, I want our child to learn a few things from now itself. They would learn to love, to share, to eat, to walk, once they are born in this world, but, to respect a woman must be taught even before they take a birth in this world which is filled with more terror and less love. I don’t know, who is breathing inside me, but,   what if he is a son! So I am teaching one of the important lesson and that is, to respect every woman. I feel it’s the duty of all mothers to teach their children, how to respect every woman in the world. As not only a woman raped loses her dignity, but, the mother of the accused loses her too! The world in which our child is residing right now, is very different from the world we are living in. As it is said Ajith, a child learns many things  when they are in their mother’s womb. So better our child starts learning this from now itself.”

Ajith kisses his wife’s belly and says, looking at her worried face, ” You are going to be a wonderful parent and proud mother of our child.”

PS : All characters appearing in this post are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.  


Spread your wings and fly

Raj, I need to talk to you. ”

“Neha, I am getting late already. What is so urgent? ”

“Raj, actually its regarding me. You remember the pamphlet of Zumba dance class, I was thinking to join it. So, I need your permission for that.”

“No Neha. How can you even think about that? We have a daughter and what about my mother, who will take care of them and the house! And it doesn’t look good also. What would the society think? Please just do your work and I am very much busy, so don’t waste my time for such thing.”

Saying this, Raj left for his work. Raj and Neha had met five years back at a friend’s birthday party. They started liking each other the moment, they met. After six months of their relationship, they decided to take a step ahead and get married. But, Neha never knew, that her one decision of marrying Raj, would change her life and her choices in many ways.

“I have always thought about my family first. I resigned from the job, I loved the most, to take care of my new born baby. I always took care of my mother in law, but, she is never satisfied. How much I do , she never stops complaining. And Raj, earlier we use to make love every night, but, now it seems, he is slowly losing interest in me . We were so in love before marriage. Even post marriage, he behaved so wonderfully, he kissed me good morning and good night, he always complimented me but, now he doesn’t even look at me with much love or passion. He leaves for the office early morning and almost everyday comes late at night. Whenever, I have tried to initiate sex, he just pushed my hand and said” I am too tired for all this and now our age is gone. ” I never knew to love someone, there is an age limit beyond which you stop loving someone! But, still I never complained to him about how this annoys me at times. But, today for once, I thought for myself, for which, he just said No and walked off! ”

Tring tring….

Suddenly the sound of  the phone ringing brings her back from her thoughts.

“Hi Niti, How are you?”

“I am fine Neha but, you sound low. What is the matter? Is everything fine?”

“I am fine. It’s just that, Life has changed so much after marriage. Sometimes, I longed to go back and do things, I have always love to do, but, soon I am brought back to the reality. ”

“So Neha, do what you like. Who is stopping you to do?”

“I can’t Niti. I am a wife and a mother. I have responsibilities which I can’t ignore. ”

“Can you just tell me in detail, what is actually bothering you?”

Neha narrated her friend Niti the entire incident that happened in the morning.

“Neha, you have all rights to make decisions for yourself. I mean, you do so much for Raj and his family, he needs to understand your desires too. You take such a good care of your family, now it’s time to take care of you, your wants, your desires. If you don’t respect your own decision, no one will ever respect you. Stand for yourself, Neha. Take some time and tell Raj, you want to talk about you, about your life, about your feelings. Tell him, how you feel. Make him realize your worth and that will be possible only if, you realize your worth Neha. Being a housewife doesn’t mean that you are a maid. Taking care of the house and your family doesn’t make you their caretaker or a nanny. They can’t take you for granted. Just be calm and talk to Raj about it ok!”

“Thanks Niti. I am feeling much better now. I would surely talk to Raj. Anyways, How is everything at your end?”

“That’s like my old friend Neha. My life is going good. Well, I have called you to give a good news. I am pregnant.”

“Superb Niti. Congratulations. I am so happy for you guys. God bless you.”

Their conversation seemed to never end. They went on and on. Niti is the one, who has been with her always. They are like sisters to each other. Neha said to herself” Niti is right. I need to respect myself. I am no bird. No net can ensnares me. ”

Later that day, Neha talked to Raj and conveyed her feelings to him. They  even argued a lot, but, in the end Raj agreed for the Zumba classes. Also, he promised Neha to give some more time for his family and also towards her.

PS : All characters appearing in this post are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.