Key to the Happiness :-)

Key to our happiness lies with us. Sharing One of the oldest posts of mine

The Pink Diary


“We have keys to the locked doors of our
Stop counting on others for your happiness.
Never expect anything from another person,
In the end it will be you who will be hurt, not the opposite person!

A key to the happiness lies within ourselves,
So expect only from ourselves.

Though we may fail at times but at least we won’t blame others for our unhappiness.”
Happiness arrives from what we do ,
It arrives from good deeds done by you
Always live in the present, forget the past,
Learn the art to forgive, for happiness lies in it 🙂

Be happy and let others be happy 🙂

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Secret to maintain any relationship

One of my old posts… Secret to maintain a relationship…

The Pink Diary

What relationship is all about?! People around you may have warned you, do this or behave in a particular way to maintain a relationship. Suggestions would flow from many mouths, but in reality, only you know how to maintain your own relationship with someone. The secret to any relationship is, No secrets to be kept between each other. The relationship works on Trust, Love, Loyality and Honesty. One should follow a simple method to maintain any relationship and that is, be what you are and show the real you. Never start any relationship on a lie to make yourself look good. Let the person love the actual side of yours.

When you love someone, make sure that you tell them everything about yourself. Hiding things would damage any relationship. Once you have decided to not fall apart, make sure you stand by your words. Don’t make any false promises of…

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Rest in Peace my friend

11th May 2016, it was time for us to check out, after we attended a friend’s wedding. I was in the elevator looking around the view through the transparent glass. I saw him sitting outside the hotel, he too was ready to leave for his home. My friend Tarun, I didn’t knew that it would be the last time, I might be seeing you.  I still can’t believe in the news I got to hear today that you are no more. Like always, I thought you are playing with us again with some stupid prank of yours. I was telling my husband ( Tarun was one of his best friends) to relax as the news might be fake and Tarun might be playing with us. But, no, this time he wasn’t playing with us. I was shocked and shaken completely when the news of his death was confirmed.
 Whenever we have been to Chennai, he would have everything planned for us. He always kept my comfort in his mind as most of the times, I was the only girl in the group of boys. He always told me one thing, my husband is lucky to have me and I am one of those girls, he has never felt bored with. Today, I am waiting here for my flight to catch a last glimpse of you. Tarun, wherever you are, may your soul rest in peace. We love you and will badly miss you. 


Happy 69th Independence Day

Today again comes the special day for every Indian. Sixty eight years back, we were liberated from the rule of Britishers. Our freedom fighters sacrificed their lives for us and even today our Indian soldiers protect us from all the external threats. It’s because of them, we are able to enjoy our life and sleep peacefully. But, still today, one question resonates in my mind, has our country really got freedom? Still, we are facing so many issues within our country that has no end.

I do feel proud to be an Indian. But, do you think, are we doing justice to the sacrifice made by our great freedom fighters who kept our country ahead of their precious lives? Our we truly free today? 

Live and Let Live..

On the other hand, I got an opportunity to do something good on this important day. There was a blood donation camp held by Tata Memorial Hospital for their cancer patients. By donating my blood and being a part of such a good cause made me proud of myself. 

Happy Independence Day To all.


Eternal Love

Happy Birthday 🎁🎂 to the most important person of my life and my soulmate Pratish Naidu. My life would be nothing without you. God bless you. I dedicate one of my old poems to you ☺️ “Eternal Love” 👫

The Pink Diary


Life without you, is like a body without a soul,
My mind works, but is in your control.
Seeing you,the world around me comes to cease,
Being with you, I feel complete and I find my real inner peace.
I feel possessed and can do anything to see you happy,
Just being held by you, I feel secure and bliss.
Time will fly and my passion for love will keep on growing,
It will continue, till the day you don’t stop  your love and care sowing.

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Let’s play in rain :-)

I have been off from blogging for a while and I know the duration has been long. But, soon I will update with my new post related to the beautiful places I have recently visited. Meanwhile, the climate around is so wonderful and I am reblogging one of my poems that would exactly explain how I feel😀.

The Pink Diary

The muddy smell of earth and the cool breeze touch,
Eyes sparkling with mirth and I am in love so much .
The dark cloud hiding the sun,
And the gentle wind indicating the monsoon has begun.
The first drop of rain starts pouring from the sky,
Kids playing in the puddle, splashing water on each other high.
The first shower of rain falling on your face,
Drain away your worries in its sweet and chilling embrace.
Whether you are young or old, just enjoy the climate and dance,
Bringing smiles on the face, Here comes the season of love and romance.

-Heta Gala

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A quick and short post 😀

I am busy socializing these days that I rarely find time to write and even read novels or blog posts of my fellow bloggers. Finally, today I took some time out and thought of applying Mehendi on my hand😊.  I have learnt a basic Mehendi course, when I was in school. It’s been more than ten years now that I have designed a Mehendi on my hand. Though it took me almost two hours to apply, but I was happy and satisfied when I saw my effort as I drew the last line of the design on my hand. 

Below is the Mehendi design made my me on my hand. 


 ( PS: I have penned this post with one hand as my other hand is busy 😋. Yet some time left to remove the Mehendi )