Sorry has no importance,

When said without any feelings.

Sorry has no value,

When used as a defense to avoid arguments.

Sorry makes no sense,

When one does not consider other people’s sentiments.

Sorry has no meaning,

When one has to say it for the same old mistakes.

If somebody is truly sorry,

They won’t repeat the same mistake again.

To Prove that you are sorry, don’t just say it,

Let your actions speak that you truly mean it.

Heta Gala Naidu


Your smile matters

It’s too difficult to keep a smiling face,

When you are hurt within and want to cry out loud.

But to some your smile matters,

When you are happy,

They join in and celebrate your happiness. 

When you needed them the most,

They thought of nothing else except about you. 

They gave up their happiness,

To add joy in your life. 

So seeing you hurt, 

Would hurt them more. 

So smile to keep them happy. 

Because for some your smile matters. 

Heta Gala Naidu


Rest in Peace my friend

11th May 2016, it was time for us to check out, after we attended a friend’s wedding. I was in the elevator looking around the view through the transparent glass. I saw him sitting outside the hotel, he too was ready to leave for his home. My friend Tarun, I didn’t knew that it would be the last time, I might be seeing you.  I still can’t believe in the news I got to hear today that you are no more. Like always, I thought you are playing with us again with some stupid prank of yours. I was telling my husband ( Tarun was one of his best friends) to relax as the news might be fake and Tarun might be playing with us. But, no, this time he wasn’t playing with us. I was shocked and shaken completely when the news of his death was confirmed.
 Whenever we have been to Chennai, he would have everything planned for us. He always kept my comfort in his mind as most of the times, I was the only girl in the group of boys. He always told me one thing, my husband is lucky to have me and I am one of those girls, he has never felt bored with. Today, I am waiting here for my flight to catch a last glimpse of you. Tarun, wherever you are, may your soul rest in peace. We love you and will badly miss you. 


An unusual evening

My day was going great. I went for a dinner with my family, had my food, enjoyed my delicious paan and  the yummy dessert, I was having perfect time with my family. The birthday lady, my mom was happy and I was happy seeing her happy because of her kids. Exactly when the time had come to return home with some wonderful memories with you, an episode happened that simply destroyed everything that you simply commended a couple of minutes back.

We met with an accident. I won’t term it as a bigger one, but I won’t even state it as a smaller one too. I and  my family were returning back to our home, when a car at a full speed hit our car from behind. The impact was so strong that I and my little nephew who was in my hands, were jolted to the front of the car from the rear seat. I was shaking inside and my baby held me tight and cried as he got scared. Fortunately nobody was harmed. When we confronted  the driver who hit us, he just said sorry and said it wasn’t that a big deal. The driver called to his owner and the owner was rude too. He told us to do whatever you want in a very harsh way. He was so confident that nothing would happen to him or his driver. We filed an FIR, but we all know how things work in INDIA. Me and my family were the last to leave from the police station. The driver who hit our car left before us with a big smile on his face. I was furious and totally pissed with what was going on. But nothing lies in our hands. In India, there are many things that upset me and this was one of the examples. People who are wrong, freely roam around and victims have all the problems to face. After two hours of all contentions and the police formalities we left for our home. Though we were thankful to God that nobody was hurt, but such incidents stay in your mind forever not because we met with an accident, but rather in the light of the fact, the person who was liable for it, had no worries and no actions were taken against him. 

Anyways, a picture of my family, our celebrations is something I will end my post with; 



Happy Birthday Mom

Today is a special day for one of my special persons in life. Many Many Happy Returns of the day Mom 😀 . God bless you and showers you with heaps of joy and a long life, longer than mine, as I won’t be able to survive without you 😐 . Life would be nothing without you and my husband ❤️ .  

It gets difficult to buy a perfect gift for you Ma 🤔 as you have everything or none of the gift seems as perfect as you 😊 . You are the strongest woman; I have come across in my life. The people around might think that you are the most fortunate to have everything in your life, but only your kids have seen the actual side of your life, your struggle. You have been in the toughest situations, but you always kept your patience and have peacefully handled things around you. Being your daughter, I can’t be as strong as you are. I pray that at least now you start taking proper care of yourself because your kids won’t be able to survive without you being around. Many things in my life wouldn’t have been possible without you. 

Happiest Birthday Ma 🙂 . Stay Happy and Stay Healthy 😊 .


Life With You 

Please be by my side 👫 ,

Whenever I am feeling low. 

Please take care of me,

Whenever I am sick 🤒 .

Always hold my hand 🤝 ,

And say I love you 💑 . 

Embrace me in your arms,

Kiss me 😗 and never stop to make me feel I am yours 👫.

Come behind me,

Even If I ask you to leave. 

Don’t stop talking to me,

Even if I say I would never want to see your face again.

At times my words may hurt you,

But deep inside my heart, you know I will always love you.

Grow old with me 

And promise 🤝 to never leave me alone. 

When death arrives, I will hold your hand,

As I would have no desire to stay alone without you. 

With our fingers entwined,

I would want to be buried next to you. 

Heta Gala Naidu